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At Webology, we love working with America’s farming community. We were thrilled when Debra from Little Cow Mountain reached out to us for help with her new website. Little Cow Mountain is a beyond organic grass-fed cattle ranch in Idaho. Debra also offers pasture-raised chicken broilers and fresh heirloom vegetables during the growing season. Debra is also an artist. So, we had to come up with a theme that was very visual for her site.
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Elegant Themes to the Rescue!

I’m a big fan of Elegant Themes. They are just easy to work with and the Divi editor makes it simple for my clients to manage their own sites. I don’t like it when someone has to call me to add a picture or change text. To me, that’s just bad customer service. So, I like to choose a platform that gives you control over your farming website. Take a look at the Little Cow Mountain Homepage. It tells a story. If you’re concerned about your health, you want to know about conditions on the farm. You can’t scroll to the bottom of the homepage without being impressed at the rolling green hills and happy cows. The homepage sells to Debra’s target market: people looking for clean, beyond organic beef, chicken, and veggies.

Farm Website Developer Services by Webology

We know a thing or two about farming. In fact, we developed Agritrue. It’s an online directory and certification program for beyond organic farms. Little Cow Mountain was one of the early adopters who signed up for Agritrue certification of her farm.

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We’re proud to partner with America’s farming community to help connect consumers to quality food producers in our local communities. So, check out Little Cow Mountain if you live nearby, and reach out to us if you need some help for your farm.