Online Marketing – A Permaculture-Based Approach for Birmingham Businesses

Right now, you’re wondering one of two things: What the heck is Permaculture? Or, you might be familiar with the term. If so, you’re probably wondering just how in the world regenerative agriculture has anything to do with a Birmingham-based online marketing firm. SEO and farming? The two couldn’t be more different than night and day right? Wrong. It’s all about technique. Some things apply across many disciplines, and specifically I am talking about the permaculture principles of function stacking and whole systems design. You see, Permaculture is a design science created by Bill Mollison as a means to work with nature for maximum yields. However, the principles he used to grow more food in less space can apply to any process or business. In this case, we’re using his ideas to get a yield in the form of sales for your business. We’re growing leads for our clients with function stacking and whole systems design.

Function Stacking and Whole Systems Design for Online Marketing

Function stacking simply means getting more than one yield from a given input. It makes sense from a business standpoint right? Time and money are two things we can never have enough of. So, why not get the most of our time and money by stretching the value we get from each and every marketing task. Another principle we bring over from Permaculture is whole system design.
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The founders of Permaculture design science looked at food production from the standpoint of ecological integration. They designed whole ecosystems to meet human needs. At Webology, we take a whole systems design approach to online marketing. Your online presence should be many faceted with each element working in unison to produce maximum yield (sales). Is it starting to make sense yet?

Birmingham’s SEO Farmers: Thinking Outside the Box

So, what does all this mean for your marketing strategy? No, we’re not showing up at the office each day in work boots and straw hats to write content and earn backlinks. That would be ridiculous! Webology incorporates function stacking and whole system design to create an online ecosystem for our Alabama online marketing clients. It all starts with a seed. In this case, we’re talking about a responsive design, user-friendly website. We water that seed with technical on-page SEO. Next, we apply constant content creation as the fertilizer that helps your site grow higher up into the search engine rankings. Then we connect your site to the larger ecosystem with link-building strategies. We’re reaching for page #1 in Google and Bing just like a seedling reaches for the light. Start with a great website and expand outward from there. Your website is the center to your online ecosystem. Once it’s healthy and developed we start making connections to things like social media, guest blogs, e-mail marketing, and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Function Stacking for Online Marketing in Birmingham

This is where the function stacking comes into play. If you share a post on social media, that’s only one point of contact with your potential customers. Instead, start at the website. Craft great content. Include a compelling call to action that captures e-mails. Then, share your blog post to appropriate social media platforms. How many points of contact do we have now? The first interaction is obviously on social. Then the content on the site gets visited when they click to read the whole article. Next, we schedule e-mail follow ups, and direct traffic back to the site or your retail location. If we go more in-depth, that visitor might look around and find another article on your site to share on social. If we add social sharing icons to your site, it’s more likely they will help promote your business to their contacts. So, we’ve converted a visitor not only into a prospective sale, but a volunteer member of your sales force. That’s function stacking in marketing! This is your online marketing ecosystem. Think of your online presence as an interconnected web with many different elements working in unison to drive sales.

SEO and other Marketing Services We Provide

Now that you understand our approach a bit better, just what services do we provide? We’re a creative online marketing firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. However, our we do consultation work for clients all over Alabama. So, if you’re in Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, or Huntsville give us a call. We love visiting our clients on location to get to know their way of doing business. That helps us design an online marketing strategy with different elements of these services we offer:
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If you’re looking for a digital marketing solution in Birmingham that integrates multiple functions for maximum sales, then we’d love to hear from you. Reach out for a custom quote today.