How We Ranked This Site with SEO

At Webology, we’re completely obsesses with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s what we’re best at, and we consistently rank client sites at the top of Google and Bing search results. But what about our own site? It’s been live for about six months now, and it’s not ranking.
Why? Because we’re like the plumber that has a leaky faucet for weeks. We’ve been too busy working for our clients to rank the site up until right now. We have a little time between projects and the site no longer gets a penalty from Google for being new. So, now’s the time! Here’s the first part of this multi-series post detailing the how, what, when, and why of our SEO strategy.

Picking the right Long-Tail Keywords

Step 1 is to figure out a keyword strategy. At Webology, we LOVE long-tail keywords. Those are keyword phrases that are over 5 words long. They work great for voice search on mobile devices, and we can rank for several related keywords with each long-tail phrase. Here’s a sample of the keywords we chose in the image on the right:
That’s twelve of the 98 phrases we’re trying to rank for. Did I mention we’re going all-out with this SEO strategy? Yea, 98 keywords and I plan to be on page #1 for each phrase and several related phrases in a few months. I know it’s ambitious, but we’re complete maniacs about SEO around here!

Heading Tag Optimization for Google Ranking

Headings are simply lines of text with some code around it to indicate that it is a paragraph heading. Google places emphasis on the words contained in a heading compared to regular text in a paragraph. This isn’t a huge ranking factor anymore, but it does carry some weight. It’s easy to do, so you might as well take care of your H1-H6 headings so that your site ranks better. Here’s a few heading tag changes we made on Webology:

I know, I know! It’s all gibberish and you’re not a programmer. I get it! But there’s a few things I’d like to point out in the image to the right. First, you’ll notice there is now one and only one H1 heading on the page. We changed an H1 to an H2 because Google doesn’t like it when you have multiple H1 headings on a single page.

Another thing to notice is all the H6 headings. We were able to include a lot of search terms into these as titles for different sections on the page. As a general rule, I only allow search terms I’m trying to rank for to go into any heading tag on a page. This prevents Google from getting confused about the important words you want the page to rank for.

Internal Linking | SEO Optimization Technique

You might have heard of earning backlinks from other sites as a way to improve your ranking. But we can also add some link-juice to your website by adding internal links to all the pages on your site. An easy way to do this is to start by adding a navigation bar to the footer of your site. It helps users navigate better and builds your internal linking up. Then we look for relevant text to use as anchor text to other pages on your site. On Webology we stuck to adding anchor text where appropriate throughout the site. We’ll continue to add these links as we add content.

SEO Marketing Service – URL Optimization

Here’s another service we provide to our clients. URL optimization is simply making your inner pages like about, our work, etc. include keywords in the URL. There’s really nothing to it. It just takes some time if you have a lot of pages on a site. Here’s a few examples from Webology on the right:

Citation Building | Getting Your Business on the Map

There’s one last thing we’ve done so far and I saved it for last because this is an off-page SEO task. Normally, you’d do off-page work later on to avoid any possible conflicts with your URL optimization. Citation building is an exception to that rule. Citations are local directory sites that list your business location and contact info. These sites are crawled a lot by Google and they help determine who is going to show up on the map. There are no deep links here. In other words, citation sites are only linking to the homepage and that URL will not be changing with our on-page work. So, it’s safe to do this in conjunction with your on-page efforts. So how many of these did we list the site on? 300 to be exact! Yea, we’re completely nuts when it comes to SEO. We went overboard with citation building for Webology because we’re competing against other local tech and marketing firms. You have to step up your SEO game when the competition is fierce.

Early SEO Results

About time huh? I made you read through all that technical jargon, now you want to see what all that work got us, right? Well here we go. All the areas covered above were done on the site early last week. That got us four keywords in the #1 position and three at #2. We put 29 keyword phrases on the first page of Google. Take a look at the chart below to get an idea for the increase in visibility.
I’ll write a part II and III on this post once we get all the on-page finished up and improve the ranking some more. In the meantime, let me know if you need help growing your business with Google leads. Call 205.636.8612