How Discount Web Hosting Can Hurt Sales

When business owners don’t see a value in something, they tend to avoid investing money in it. It’s just how we are. We have to protect the business, and that means spending our money wisely. Sometimes it can be to our detriment though. Especially when something has a value to our business and we fail to see it. Web hosting definitely falls into that category. Here’s why:

Hosting Versus Domain Name Registration

First, I should probably start by explaining exactly what hosting is. I run into business owners all the time that confuse hosting with domain registration. “Our site’s hosted through GoDaddy” – I hear that all the time, when in fact they don’t have hosting setup at all once you log into their account. Domain registration simply reserves your name. Don’t confuse it with hosting. It doesn’t give you a space on a server somewhere to load your site files. That’s what hosting is. It’s just a space on a computer server (host) that stores your site files and displays your site to visitors. So, name registration reserves your website address, and hosting gives you a place to store your site files and serve them up to visitors. There’s an ongoing charge for both services if you want to keep a website live on the Internet.

What Are My Web Hosting Options?

  1. Shared Hosting – It’s just that, shared. Your site sits on a server with several others. This is the cheapest option, and something any serious business should avoid like the plague. You could be on the same server with a hacked site selling discount pharmaceuticals from overseas to middle-age+ men. When that site gets taken down, yours does too until the security problems are fixed. This can take hours or days! On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be sharing a server with a high-traffic site that’s completely fine from a security standpoint, but a resource hog. Your page load times will suffer, and your Google ranking will drop.
  2. VPS Hosting – This stands for Virtual Private Server, and it gets rid of the security concerns I mentioned with shared hosting. What it doesn’t get rid of is the possible resource bottleneck. You could still be on a server with a resource hog.
  3. Dedicated Server – This is only for sites with a lot of traffic. I mean, a lot of traffic. You don’t really need this unless your site is a big authority within your industry. It’s expensive, and there’s a much better option for most businesses that I will cover next.
  4. Managed WordPress – As far as I’m concerned, this is the gold standard for most of the businesses I work with. Managed WordPress is the most secure option if you plan to host a WordPress site. And why wouldn’t you choose WordPress? Do you just prefer to call your web guy, wait 3 days, and get billed $120 just to update the phone number on your website? If not, you need a WordPress site. WordPress gives you control, not the web development agency. And Managed WordPress Web Hosting keeps your security patches updated automatically. You get backups every 24 hours. It’s optimized for speed. It just flipping works. END OF STORY! And it works damn well for almost any small or mid-size business at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a dedicated server.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

At this point, good blogging practice dictates I should include an image. You’re bored with all the text and your eyes need a break. So, I included this graphic explaining Managed WordPress to keep you, the reader, happy. If you’re happy, you keep reading. If you keep reading, it helps my bounce rate. If you’re unhappy, you “bounce” and leave the site. Then Google thinks my content sucks.
That hurts my ranking in Google, and ultimately, sales. I know, I know! This is unrelated to hosting, but I’m trying to make you see a point here. The point is that doing stuff wrong on the web can hurt the bottom line. Doing things right ranks your site in Google, puts you in front of more prospective customers, and ultimately grows your business. So, do the right thing and have your web developer install your site on their Managed WordPress Server.

Wait, I thought you said VPS Hosting sucks???

If your eyes really needed a break, you probably read the graphic above extolling the virtues of Managed WordPress as a VPS service. But I told you VPS sucks, right? Well it depends. It depends on who is managing the VPS. If you directly purchase VPS hosting through a big-box provider, you’re just a number. Your site is one of thousands. No one at the big-box is really concerned if your server is getting bogged down by a resource hog. Sure, they are going to address those problems…eventually. But do you want to risk losing sales because someone can’t get your page to load? What about Google? Over time, your site rank might drop because pages are taking too long to load. So, who should you trust to host your site in a Managed WordPress VPS?

Hand it off to a trusted local reseller

Yes, I said reseller. That’s exactly what I do with Managed WordPress. I purchase space and configure a VPS account for my clients. It costs them more money. How much? About $30 per month with Webology versus $15-$20 direct from the big-box, and it’s worth every penny of it. Why? Because I know exactly which sites are being hosted and where they are. We don’t manage thousands of sites, we manage less than 200. If a site takes up too many resources, we immediately have a conversation with the site owner about switching to a dedicated server. It’s local business service versus dealing with a call center. Isn’t that worth $10 a month?

I’m completely honest and open about the fact that you can save money setting up your own VPS instead of hosting through Webology. But you can also mess up your Google ranking just to save $10 a month.

That’s why working through a reseller makes sense. It’s insurance. You’re insuring your site against possible ranking penalties in Google. Trust me, it can happen. Not only can bad hosting hurt your SEO, it can be a hell of a struggle for your SEO company to troubleshoot if they aren’t aware. So, here’s your hosting options from best to worst:
  • Dedicated Server – Expensive but secure and fast
  • Managed WordPress – Works best through a local web hosting reseller
  • VPS – Secure (provided your site stays updated)
  • Shared Hosting – Slow speeds and hacking are serious concerns

That’s your web hosting options for your business. Choose Wisely!

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