Why Doing Good Work Isn’t Enough

“It’s getting crowded in here!”

Digital marketing space for collection attorneys is becoming crowded just like in every other industry. Law firms all over the world are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way they handle their digital marketing.

Keeping this in mind, It’s becoming increasingly more important to have a good marketing plan. If you wish to stand out, here are some digital marketing tips to aid your law firm in 2018.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a must if you plan on being successful in the digital marketing realm. The whole idea and goal of digital marketing is knowing and understanding your client. Your aim should be to know your audience so well that you don’t have to advertise at all. The product sells itself.
This is all about relevance and what is compelling to your audience. If what you are offering matches what they’re thinking and why they’re thinking it, you’ve gained a customer. If you don’t know your audience and are basing things off of assumptions, consider creating a survey and finding some real answers. However, this may not be an option if you are a relatively new firm.

SEO Matters

The benefits of SEO for your firm are limitless. It’s a cost effective and sustainable energy source for your site, as well as a great way to increase both brand awareness AND local visibility online. Search Engine Optimization can be an excellent way for you to receive information on how your website is being searched for, how it’s being used by prospective clients and how you can change your view and content to further interest your crowd.

“Can’t Stand All These Ads!”

Let’s face it. Ads can be really annoying. Most people even go the extra mile and  install ad blockers on their browsers. But what about your business? Without ads, how are you going to get visitors to your site that can turn into potential clients?   The answer is digital marketing through SEO! Instead of relying on ads that people are going to block, ignore or get frustrated over, we can provide them with what they’re looking for and get their views through building links with trusted sites and engaging our audience with compelling content.  

The Value of Video in Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that people are using their devices and social media now more than ever before. The world of digital marketing is always changing. It’s all about the audience. If the audience wants articles, we’ve got it. In this case, more teens and adults are watching Youtube videos than ever before. Potential clients feel more engaged and informed when watching a video over reading something on the internet. Just this year, Facebook reported that it had 1.65 billion active users watching an average of about six billion videos a day. Amazing? We think so. And that’s why we recommend you learn your audience and what your audience expects from you.  

Building Trust Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very personal and creative way to reach potential clients. It can be lots of fun, too! Creating customer loyalty is very important, and email marketing can be an excellent way to do this. In email marketing, you’re writing a customized letter that will compel and intrigue potential clients and provide them with something of value, as well as adding to their trust in your firm. Email marketing should NEVER be spam, but rather a maintaining and flourishing of current, past and future clients. Create loyalty and build trust in your firm through email marketing, and you won’t be disappointed.    

“Digital Marketing is Still Changing?”

Absolutely. And it will continue to improve the more we learn and apply ourselves to the practice. In this day and age, digital marketing is the best way you can drive traffic to your site and build your firm. There isn’t time to continue to rely on what has worked in the past for digital marketing. We must look to the future and invest our energy in what will bring the best result.