Sadly, a lot of small business and even well-established businesses miss a lot of great opportunities for digital marketing. Are you the owner of a business? Do you want more real traffic that brings real sales? Here are four major missed opportunities in digital marketing written just for you and your business.

“Why a Website?”

Why is it so important for business owners to have a website? Websites are a powerful tool that heavily influences a customer’s decision about purchasing or trusting a company. If a potential customer stumbles upon a broken and outdated website, they’re significantly less likely to purchase your product, no matter how good it may be.

Have an email address

A staggering 68% of businesses do not have a company email address that potential buyers can reach them from. If you want a successful business, have an email address for questions and concerns. It’s simple. 

Have a Social Media Presence

It’s important to have a social media presence to drive traffic to your business. More than one billion people have active Facebook pages. More than one million people use Instagram every day, and an estimated 974 people hold Twitter accounts. Why not put your brand in front of such a large audience?

“Don’t Lose your Prospects!”

More than 50% of ALL prospects are lost due to a website lacking quality content or being updated. Remember. Content is everything.

Here’s a visual representation of these stats with three extra bonus opportunities for your digital strategy:

Digital Marketing Helps Local Businesses

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Improving your business could be as simple as using these 4 major missed opportunities in the way you do digital marketing. Improve the quality of your online presence and we can guarantee you will see the difference.