“I DON’T NEED A WEBSITE!” – Our sales guy has heard that one a few times. Especially from local businesses who focus on B2C sales. Trades like heating & air or electrical are an especially hard sell. If they are any good at what they do, word-of-mouth seems to keep the phones ringing constantly. But will that continue? Even if it does, do you want to limit your growth? Having a great digital presence can help recession-proof your business by generating inbound leads through search and social media.

It’s not just Small Business

Even big brands are missing opportunities to reach millennial buyers. Almost all business websites are not coded to display properly on mobile devices. This makes for a bad user experience that could be driving mobile shoppers to a competitor site instead. Big national brands are not immune to this. For whatever reason, the web is full of bad websites representing mid-size and even large businesses. Just how bad is it? Here are a few statistics we found:

Websites: Who Needs Them?

infographic explaining why websites are important to small businesses Why is it so important for business owners to have a website? A website is a powerful tool that heavily influences a customer’s decision about purchasing or trusting a company. This means that if you have good, reliable information online, people are more likely to not only click through your website and look around but do some shopping while they’re on the web or plan a trip to come to your location. Remember. Those first impressions are everything. If the first thing someone sees is a broken and outdated website, chances are they won’t be very interested in what you have to offer.  Never limit or sell yourself short. Embrace company growth and build your online presence today through digital marketing with a website today.

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