Should I Hire an SEO Agency or a Freelancer? | Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency: Best Local SEO Consulting, Google Ads Expert, Custom Website Design & Development Companies in Birmingham, Alabama
The world of digital marketing has grown significantly in the last several years. Because of this, SEO has become a very powerful tool for businesses and their online marketing campaigns. In fact, many businesses prefer SEO over other forms of internet marketing due to its overall effectiveness in driving more traffic towards a particular brand or product. If you’re a business owner and you’re interested in SEO, making the decision about whether to hire an agency or a freelancer can be difficult. So what is the most desirable path to take that will also give you the best bang for your buck? We hope this list of reasons will help you come to a logical conclusion that works for you.    

SEO is not a single-handed Game

It’s true. SEO is no more of a single-handed game than ping-pong. One of the biggest issues that can arise from hiring a freelancer is that the scope of creativity and innovation is very small. What’s so great about a digital marketing agency? They really know their stuff! There is much more of a diverse client base because a Digital Marketing agency isn’t tied down to one niche or a few clients the way a freelancer would be. It’s all about teamwork. Hiring a digital marketing agency means you will end up with a far more creative and personal SEO experience while they deliver just what you need with speed, experience, and efficiency. And that wouldn’t be possible if there was an “I” in “Team”. We guarantee it.

“Don’t Talk to Strangers”

One of the issues businesses often run into when hiring a freelancer for their SEO is that freelancers lack the experience needed in most areas to deliver quality SEO work. Hiring an agency means that you will have someone who has worked with other clients, is currently working with other clients, and has a very diverse client base, which means they won’t get bored of your product and they know how to help you present yourself in the best way possible to the online world. Why let a stranger talk to you about your business when you could hire someone that really cares about growing your business and is going to be able to point you exactly where you want to go? In the end, don’t settle for less. Get the service you need and let your business flourish with digital marketing through SEO.

Why get Better when you can get Best?

Hiring a digital marketing agency for your SEO instead of a freelancer could be the difference between a good business and a great business. Why? Because digital marketing agencies are excited about working with you and growing your business. They enjoy the learning opportunities that clients bring to the table. The best thing about a digital marketing agency is the team behind your SEO work. Hiring a freelancer means missing out on all of the creative ideas that come from bouncing ideas off of co-workers, or the hands-on approach that an agency will take to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your SEO. The team behind your SEO work will carry with them enthusiasm and creativity that fuel the “let’s make it happen” atmosphere of every project. It’s simple. You propose an idea, and then instead of just one mind thinking through things and getting ideas, a team of minds will get together and make your SEO the best it can be. Now isn’t this something?

Never Underestimate

Hiring a freelancer can be cheaper than hiring an agency. But there’s a reason why, and we want to explain it to you. When you hire a freelancer, they don’t know much about your business. They’ll try to learn as much as possible, but there’s a reason why a freelancer is a freelancer. They’re not committed to your business the way an agency would be. They’re very limited when it comes to time and aren’t legally set up to help the way an agency would be. Hiring a digital marketing agency means hiring someone to be committed to the project, be available for questions or concerns and not allow anything to get in the way of their personal relationship with you. Never underestimate the power that a digital marketing agency holds in the power of their laptop computers and mobile phones. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you’re resolving to only get the best results and an increase in SERP rankings and traffic without wondering if the future of your business will be at stake with shady SEO work. In the end, hiring a digital marketing agency could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business. Remember. It’s all about teamwork. If you want someone that is going to commit and invest in your business and brand through SEO while also being friendly and creative, hire a digital marketing agency. You won’t be disappointed.