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A logo may be one of the most important things you do in building your brand and increasing awareness about your firm. This isn’t just another fancy graphic up on your website or a picture on a business card. This is your business. And that’s why when it comes to your logo, It’s important that you never cut corners or settle for less than what your business deserves.

Creating Your Identity

An identity is paramount to your firm’s marketing venture. Your firm’s logo has the potential to make a great first impression. What do you want your logo telling potential customers about your firm? Are you well established? Are you an expert in your field? A logo is quite often 

the first thing a customer will see. Are you communicating what you want to communicate? Create an identity that walks and talks your business and attracts the right crowds. Check out this logo project for Cloud & Willis. It’s simple, clean, and modern. The logo needs to appeal to your ideal client. In this case, that’s going to be a business owner or decision-maker. So, we went with a professional look that might not fit as well at a family law practice. We highly recommend you create buyer persona’s for at least 2-3 “Ideal Clients” before you even begin the logo design. It helps your designer to incorporate the correct style into the image.

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Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

A great logo plays a major role in not only starting your business, but growing it! Through your logo, you can demonstrate and explain yourself before you ever get a call from potential customers. Distinguish yourself from the competitor. Have a timeless logo. Prove your point within your logo and give potential customers confidence in your brand.

Have a Logo That is Tailored to Your Business

What’s the difference between having a good logo and having a great logo? There’s hardly anything in the world that’s worse than a company having a logo designed that has nothing to do with their business. If you sell soap but your logo has a stapler and pencils on it, what kind of message are you sending to the public? The same is true of law firms. If you’re a personal injury lawyer but your logo has something completely unrelated on it, it’s not likely your business will succeed. Much less grow in the online business world. There are a few tips to be certain your logo is tailored to your firm. These include:

  • Your Logo must fit the legal industry
  • Keep it Simple
  • Get Professional Help
  • Update Your Logo as Necessary

As you can see, there are a lot of reason why it is very important to have a good logo design for your law firm. Of course, the same is true for any business. Good logos make it easier to build your brand and make good first impressions.  You want to spark the right kinds of attention when people see your logo, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty in your brand.


As customers grow to recognize your logo, they’ll be more likely to keep choosing what they know and love. There’s also the added bonus of professionalism that comes with a well designed logo, which could also eventually bring new customers and continue to grow your law firm or business.