Part of creating and maintaining your business website is to make sure it can be accessed on all platforms and easily understood by all users. Recently, we’ve been working on a site for a client in the home inspection industry. We have worked hard to be sure this site has a user-friendly interface, as well as being significantly more mobile friendly.

Why is it Important for my site to be Mobile Friendly?

Because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites over those that are not, you could lose rank just by not having a website that works well on a mobile device! That’s why we strive to consider every detail about how your site is going to work both on a desktop and on mobile. Don’t let the face of your brand or company change from device to device. Contact us if you’d like to hear more about how we can grow your business through excellent website design like our recent work with Tuscaloosa Home Inspections.

Improved and Well-Kept Websites=More Business

Working with Tuscaloosa home inspections has also given us a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the business and help it grow through an established, well-kept and improved website. In this digital marketing age, your website is going to be the first thing your customers see about your business on the internet. Why not make a good first impression with a website that is easy to navigate and understand?


We’re proud to say that the work we’ve accomplished over at Tuscaloosa Home Inspections has made us better people through the sharing of knowledge, inspiration and plenty of website building. Interested in growing your business with an improved, updated website? Don’t get left in the shadows on the pages of search results just because your site isn’t mobile or user-friendly. Give us a shout and we’ll help you put your business on the road to success.