How to know if an SEO agency is right for you

Are you looking to hire and SEO agency? Maybe you already have one and you aren’t sure if it’s working out as well as you’d thought and you want to consider an agency more fit for your niche. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to find an agency or not sure about what questions to ask. Whatever it might be, here are some ways to know if an SEO agency is right for you.

Are They Serious About Helping You Grow Your Business?

If you have your first strategy meeting and the agency doesn’t seem all that thrilled to work with you or discuss the project, the answer to the question about if they’re right for you or not is a resounding no. SEO agencies have to be wildly creative to make things work in the world of internet marketing. If they’re not excited about your product or service, and not totally in tune with how you want your business to grow and they’re not making an effort to be, we recommend that you find another agency. If you are serious about your business growth, the people helping you get to that point need to be also.

Lies Beware

Don’t ever listen to anyone that tells you they can have your business website at the top of Google in a week. It just isn’t possible. If they try to promise you they can deliver certain results in a certain amount of time, remember “buyer beware” because Google’s algorithm changes constantly and you never know when something will get thrown at you and move your website in the second spot in Google to the twelfth. Because of this, you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you they can put you at the top in a week. It’s not true.

Do They Have a Marketing Experience Beyond SEO?

SEO isn’t one element in a world by itself. Instead, SEO is an element in a world of rich marketing and it can be used to further both your digital marketing and your traditional marketing, and make every penny you put into it significantly more worth it. If the digital marketing agency you’re working with doesn’t have any strategy or experience outside of SEO by itself, you don’t want to have anything to do with them. Instead, find someone who is experienced in SEO, but also looking at the bigger picture. PR and content marketing are extremely important for SEO, and a good agency leverages those disciplines for ranking gain.


Over or Underpriced Service?

There are two extremes when it comes to pricing in almost any situation. Either you end up with the extreme of a very under-priced service or a significantly overpriced service. Either way, you’re not getting what you paid for. Sure, it can feel good to only have to spend a little when it comes to your website or SEO. But is it worth getting a Google Penalty and a trashy looking website? Never. Do the research and find someone with reasonable pricing and good reviews and then question them and get a track record. Doing your own research and asking questions is the best teacher sometimes.


Are They Writing for the Right Crowd?

If you’ve done any research into SEO, you’ll know that the secret isn’t necessarily writing for Google, it’s writing for PEOPLE!

There are agencies still stuck in the ways of manipulation. They create content that doesn’t read well just so they can get a certain amount of keywords into the copy. Anything done with the goal of manipulating search engine rankings is risky and spammy. Write good content intended for human readers.

It’s hard to know if any given SEO agency is right for you, but these are definitely a few things you will want to keep an eye out for and definitely something to consider before hiring anyone or signing any contracts.


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How to know if an SEO agency is right for you