Everyday, millions of businesses compete for the top spots in Google for most relevant keywords. But maybe you’re asking yourself what’s so important or valuable in being on the first page, or even at the top of Google? Allow us to explain.

Just How Important is the Top Spot anyway?

Think about it. How many times have you clicked through to the next page on Google? The answer is not many. And this is true for everyone. If someone is looking for a gingerbread recipe, they’re going to click either the one at the top, or the two right below it. If you’re ranking on the fifth page, chances are, nobody is seeing your website and you’re not gaining any clicks. Being at the top could mean that your business grows at a pace you can hardly keep up with. Your phone ringing off the hook and so much business flooding in and so many new clients, that you have to hire more employees. It all depends on how important your business actually is for you and how much you’re willing to let go and let the business flourish. Don’t believe there’s value in ranking within your industry? That’s okay. We did a case study in our local market so you can look at hard numbers instead of just relying on our opinion. Take a look at a few examples from Birmingham, AL:

What is the Value of the Top Rank in Google for My Business?

In almost every case, the answer is a resounding YES.


But How Do You Get Started?


It’s Simple…



Value in Letting Go

It’s always a struggle for the owner of a new business to bridge the gap between a start-up and a real and thriving business. The truth is that if you aren’t willing to let go of your business a little bit and don’t *really* want the top spot in Google, your business will not grow the way it should be allowed to do. Doing your own SEO to get the top spot may seem like an exceptionally good idea at first, but if you don’t let go and let an expert do it, you’re most likely limiting the reach of your campaign as well as business overall. We’re not talking about just losing business–we’re talking about never having the opportunity to get business because nobody knows about your business.

Average Amount of Clicks

According to research, the top spot in Google gets an average of about 33% of the clicks. The second spot on average gets about 18%, and it just get worse from there. Why limit your outreach? Why not put yourself in front of as many people as possible?

How Do I rank for the Top Spot in Google?

This is a question many business owners are asking themselves. “Do I really need to hire a digital marketing agency to handle my SEO to get that top spot in Google?” The answer to this question really depends on how you see your business in the coming years. If you’re really dedicated and are serious about growing your business, you will definitely want to hire an agency to take care of your digital marketing instead of trying to juggle it yourself. This will not only free you up to do other important things that come up when starting a business, but it lets the experts do their job and ensures it will be done right the first time without leaving the fate of your website and SEO to possible damage related to bad SEO practices. It may seem a little difficult to comprehend, but making a “little” mistake in SEO can actually do long term damage to your Google rankings and your business. Save yourself the trouble and hire an expert.


Business and website owners all over the globe spend their time daydreaming of being at the top spot in Google, and now you know why. Achieving that top spot in Google would mean a major increase in traffic and a catapult of potential sales that wouldn’t have been possible without it. The world of Google is fascinating and complicated, but if you play your cards right and hire an expert to help you navigate the dangerous waters, you will have the opportunity to watch your business flourish like never before.