Social media is a constantly changing forecast of news, information and updates. A lot of people wonder if their website design has an effect on the way their social media works and influences people. In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. But why? Today, we’re going to go over all of the reasons why your website design has an effect on your social media campaign.

Which Design Features Tend to Have the Most Effect on Social Media Campaigns?


If your customers are going to convert, your website is where it’s going to happen. In some ways, your website is the showcase of your work. When customers come to your site, they’re coming to learn and to experience. What they learn and what they experience is completely up to you.

All websites have an experience already. Whether it’s good or bad depends on how the site was built, the speed, the aesthetic appeal and how user-friendly it is. There are certain design features that will have more of an effect on your social media campaign. If your point is to drive a sale, your site needs to be built with calls to action in the right places, prices that can be easily spotted and a site that is all the way around user-friendly. The content on your site needs to be applicable and you can use it to drive your target audience to your site through social media.


Build Around the Right Audience

All businesses that want to grow have websites, right? If you don’t have a website in the modern age, your business will crash and burn before it even really gets going. But what about when you do have a website? Is the website created with your target audience in mind? Is it really that important to gear your website and the content on your website towards your target audience?

The answer is a resounding YES! It is VERY important to build a website around the right audience and create content geared towards the target market. You don’t want to visit a website for a used car salesman and be greeted with a website built around travel. The goal is to drive people to your site using social media and keep them sticking around with your website. Your website is going to change the way your social media works. If you want more shares, likes, and comments, your content needs to be applicable, make sense for your target market and point back to a website with information and a call to action.


More Interaction?

When people stumble across a well designed and informative website, it’s not very often they won’t click a “share” or “like” button and send it to their friends. A well-designed website can make your social media campaign that much more effective and end with more customer interaction and satisfaction. It’s sad when so many businesses would rather settle for less when it comes to their website design. Do you want an interactive audience, or do you want to struggle to keep a following?

In the end, your website design and content matters. Even when it comes to social media. Don’t let all of the conversions you could be experiencing slip through your fingers because of poor content and website design. Turn your business around and make a leap for the future. Are you ready?


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