Having a website is a very important tool in the world of internet marketing. However, if your site is too focused on calls to action and a cry of “buy my product!” You’re going to drive everyone that isn’t ready to buy right at that second far away from not just your site, but your brand and your product. Forever. So what can you do about it? After all, it’s impossible to please everyone. But what you can do is not only promote what you offer, but educate your audience about what it is, how it works and why they need it. Answer their questions and offer a “behind the scenes” glance at what you do. Engage your audience. Involve not only those buying or those just considering a purchase, but also those who aren’t even aware of what they need or why. Engage the crowd that showed up because they’re curious. If you can make them stick around and get involved, they’re much more likely to make a purchase.


The Importance of Education

One of the best ways to engage your audience is through education about what you do, why you do it and how it works. If you can catch someone’s attention long enough to get them curious and learning about what you offer, they may end up realizing just how much they need or like it and make a purchase. This not only draws the attention of your “ready to purchase” crowd, but also your “I’m here because I’m curious” crowd. If you leave the education aspect out of your site, you may end up losing your curious crowd and even some of your potential purchasers. And it makes sense. Think about it. Before any purchase you’ve ever made, you’ve done some browsing. Everyone does it. We look around, we contemplate, we compare, we contemplate some more and we educate ourselves on the product we’re considering. Educating ourselves before making a purchase is a step we won’t skip unless we’re in a really, really big hurry and it’s not something we really care about. In this case, unless you’re selling shoe laces and you own the entire industry and don’t have to advertise because you have no competition, don’t leave the education side of your website out. Content marketing is more powerful than ever before. It was estimated that people who used content marketing experienced conversion rates nearly six times higher than that of those who don’t. If you don’t have a blog on your website and don’t think education is the driving force of the future, reconsider, because if you want to experience real conversions and consumer satisfaction in your brand, educational content is the way to go.

Navigation and Site Quality Matters

High quality website=High quality traffic, which means low quality website=low quality traffic. Or maybe none at all. The reasons range from poor site navigation to poor showcasing and even inventory issues. Imagine for a second that you’ve visited a website and you’re excited to make a purchase. But when you go to finalize the sale, something pops up to tell you the inventory has been cleared out. In other words, there goes not only your profit from a sale, but also your consumer trust. It’s imperative that you keep things updated, stocked and easily accessible. This also brings us to another reason why you might be unwittingly driving traffic away from your site. Two words. Site. Navigation. Making sure that your site is full of information is a must. However, if the site can’t be navigated, then the information can’t be found, which means you might as well have just left the information off of the site in its entirety. Your site needs to be clean and simple. This means no flashing banners, popups or an excessive amount of ads. When people come across sites with those types of things, their first instinct will be to leave the site. This will have a negative effect of your stats and even your rank in Google. Remember always: Site Quality Matters.

The One Second Window

Did you know that as a business and website owner, you have an average of about one second to capture the attention of your potential customer? Not a lot of time, right? That is why it is absolutely imperative that the first four or five words in your post and most assuredly your title be captivating and engaging. If it isn’t, people are going to pass over your website and thus your  content and product.

Grammar Matters

There is nothing quite as distasteful and unprofessional to the audience reading your site than content full of spelling and grammatical errors. If your goal is to leave a bad taste and lose a vast amount of site traffic, this is a great way to succeed in that department. Not only does a lack of grammar on your site look spammy, it also makes it harder to communicate with your target audience. Or any audience, for that matter. Consider this as one of the most important things you can do for your site. Most especially if you plan on making a profit and gaining traffic through content marketing and SEO.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to drive traffic away from your site. The good news? There are also lots of ways to earn traffic to your site. But you will only see results if you’re willing to put time and energy into it. If you want to see your business go places, start by making your website work well in your niche and in the internet environment, making certain to pay attention to trends and the behavior of your crowd. Don’t lose potential customers to a couple of website errors. Rather make sure you’re providing exactly what they need, when they need it, and keep the traffic flowing onto your site.