Google CodeSearch was a free product that came out in October 2006. It allowed web searchers to find open source code on the Internet fairly easily. The code available for search was in various formats, from tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar, and .zip; to CVS, Subversion, git, C and Mercurial repositories.

This was an exciting development from Google at the time. One that we still look back on fondly. Today, we’re giving you the complete history of Google Code Search and how it works. Ready?

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The Creation of Google Code Search

Google Code Search was created in Google Labs and released in October 2006. Its basic function was to provide a free service that would grant users access to open source code on the Internet. Users could even develop their own coding projects and upload them to share with the community. It was a great resource for collaboration!

Google CodeSearch

The Many Formats Available in Google Code Search

It was an amazing resource for developers that allowed increased collaboration which probably helped speed along the advancements in technology during the last decade. File formats most commonly found shared on the platform include .zip, tar files, and many other formats that are still in use today. If it was an open source project, chances are good that someone had already uploaded it to share with the community.


The Dissolution of Google CodeSearch

Sometime in October 2011, Google made an announcement that Google Code Search and the Code Search API would be taken offline in an effort for Google to put more money into the projects that were bringing in the most revenue. 


Google Code Archive

  Believe it or not, you can still access the open sourced code from the expired Google Code Search library on Google Code Archive. Home to 1.4 million projects, 1.5 million downloads, and 12.6 million issues, the Google Code Archive is still treasured as one of the the most helpful and cool internet tools. You can visit it here.

Google CodeArchive

While Google Code Search is no longer around, it’s still remembered fondly and is a constant source of great information and open source code, as well as millions of projects that were created and shared there. If you’re looking for another live alternative resource, check out searchcode. They list 20 BILLION lines of code from over 7,000,000 different open source projects.


I hope you enjoyed this article and found some of the references useful in your search for an open source code repository. Check out the rest of our “History of the Internet” series in our blog.