There are a number of big players in the search engine industry, but the biggest of these has to be Google which holds the biggest shares in the market. Baidu is the second largest, holding 12.85% of the desktop and 4.57% of the mobile market. It is the first Chinese licensed search engine. Businesses must understand how much of an important role these services play in bringing visitors and customers to a site. When someone conducts a search at one of these sites, it is highly unlikely that she will look past the first few results, let alone the first page. This is why all website owners share the common goal of ranking highly in a search engine results. In order to achieve this, different strategies have to be put into play, strategies that are constantly adapting with developing technology. Now that we use mobile devices to search the web, this has to be taken into consideration when optimizing your site. Additionally, people are now more frequently turning to voice search, and again Google has applied this trend into its ranking algorithms. Unfortunately, optimizing your site is not a simple job, it will take both time and commitment, but the results are definitely worth it. To help you on your SEO journey, Folks at put together an infographic which is packed with all the information you need to know in order to become an SEO expert.      

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