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Abogados Centro Legal

Abogados Centro Legal

The attorneys working at Abogados Centro Legal approached Webology to help them provide a new web platform to reach the local Spanish speaking community. This was quite a big task to say the least because it meant they needed content in both English and Spanish added to a multilingual WordPress site that had the proper language meta tags setup for SEO.

WordPress optimization is something we have down to a fine art at Webology. However, building a multilingual website that is designed to target mostly Spanish-speaking clients on a local level, requires Spanish Language-focused SEO. that’s something that took a lot more time than we probably realized it would!

Spanish Language SEO – A Challenge But One We Rose To

Still, we persevered and used Google Translate a whole lot more than we ever have in the past, for several weeks. Just as what works and what doesn’t for localized SEO from one town, city, state or country to the next, the same is true when you are working on SEO for different languages. You need to tailor the keywords and the whole approach to SEO for Spanish speaking people in the same way you would use a different approach to reach New York City than you would for Gardendale, AL.

It’s not as simple as just translating everything into Spanish and hoping for the best. Our job would be a whole lot easier, quicker and less of a headache at times, if it were. We needed to really look at what people were searching for and what was going to connect those users out there who needed Spanish-speaking lawyers for legal services and advice with a website that was written and targeted to their language group.

We now feel more confident dealing with clients looking for non-English language focused web development and SEO services. With every new job and client, we work with, we feel we are improving and fine-tuning our skills and expertise, and this is just another great example of that in action.

Hard Work and Dedication Paid Off

However, our hard work and dedication to this project produced results that we are incredibly proud of and the client is extremely happy with. All the on-page SEO was fully indexed in Spanish and once that was in place and the site was up and running, the firm experienced an influx of phone calls from local clients daily. What started as 1-2 calls per day is now an average of 20-30 leads per week and we have even recorded days where the firm took 15 inbound calls from their CallRail tracking number! That is music to our ears and as noted, we feel we can offer the same level of service and deliver similar, effective results to any other clients looking for non-English language websites and SEO.




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