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Business Email Plans and Pricing

Do you still communicate with clients using 3rd-party email providers such as; Gmail, Yahoo or an ancient AOL account?

Having a domain email like, <> is an easy way to gain a higher level of professionalism between your business, and clients. Domain emails are easy trust signals.

When clients are considering using your services, they want to feel confident that you are established and reliable. With a domain email, your business will appear solid and your clients will find it easier to remember your contact information too!

Plus there’s the marketing aspect to having your own domain email address. Do you want clients to see your brand in their inbox? Of course you do.

Our email addresses come with customizable spam filters to prevent unwanted emails from repeatedly cluttering your inbox, and consuming your inbox storage.

Basic plans


Plans(basic) Emails Included Storage per Inbox Price
Starter Business 10 250MB $45/month
Growing Business 20 250MB $80/month


Individual Pricing —————————- —————————-



Storage per inbox


(1)Domain email 250MB


Need more storage? These plans provide options for high-volume demands.

Depending on your needs, It may be important to store or keep emails for an extended period of time. We offer larger storage options for those who need more room.


Plans(advanced) Emails Included Storage per Inbox Price
Starter Business 10 1GB $60/month
Growing Business 20 1GB $110/month
Individual Pricing —————————- —————————- —————————-
Item Storage per inbox Price
(1)Domain email 1GB $6.50/month

Starter Business

Upgrade your reputation! Using Starter Business, your company will achieve a higher-level of professionalism, and brand awareness.

Growing Business

Want to provide your office staff, or sales team with branded email addresses? This plan is perfect for you!


Consistency is important. Our Enterprise plan is perfect for business that want to give each of their employees a branded address. On this tier we can provide you with addresses at low individual price.

Mail Client Setup

Using a specific Mail client on your computer or desktop? No Problem! our team will help you configure the mail client of your choosing for your new domain email address. We offer over-the-phone assistance, or screen-share tech support to ensure a smooth, hassle-free setup process.


Share Calendars with External Users

G-suite Email Setup
Use Business Email on your Mobile Device
Zoho Email Setup
Microsoft Outlook / Office Email Setup
Virtually any other platform(Call for details)

Access your inbox from anywhere. It’s frustrating when you don’t have your computer in front of you, and need to send an email. Our email accounts also include a webmail interface that you can access from virtually any computer, or mobile device with absolutely no setup required. 

Sometimes domain emails are required to attach your business web address when beginning certain types of digital marketing campaigns such as, claiming your Google+ business profile. Having a domain email is always an easy way to prove ownership of your website.

Need forwarding?

What if you already have a personal email you’ve used for years and don’t necessarily want to change, but you want the credibility that comes with a branded email. No problem! We can help you setup forwarding to, and from your existing address.


Our email plans come with secure access and communication with all mail servers. Get the peace of mind that comes with letting the professionals create and maintain a secure form of communication between both, you and your clients.

Transfer email addresses

Perhaps you have already purchased accounts through another supplier, but are interested in changing. We are dedicated to a smooth transition process. Our team will help you export and backup your contacts and inbox to insure that nothing gets lost.

Expert tech support!

We get it…The frustration of non-responsive vendors especially when you are needing a critical problem addressed. Email is one of the most important communication channels in business.Our team is ready to help! We are almost always available to answer questions, or provide assistance if you encounter an issue. Don’t let sub-standard vendor support ruin your brand with poor management. Ready to get setup with the email plan that’s right for your organization? Give us a call or fill out the form below to get started:

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