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Exceed Fundraising LLC

Exceed Fundraising LLC

https://exceedfundraising.com/ – Exceed Fundraising is an organization that helps schools and non-profits to get the products they need to help with their fundraising efforts. They approached us with plans for a new and improved website that would allow nonprofits to have a turnkey solution to fundraising. They wanted a new website that had greater functionality and responsiveness while offering users more control over their fundraising options. They wanted schools to be able to setup their own page in a matter of minutes and make sales directly on the website while tracking which student was responsible for making the sale.

To create this responsive eCommerce platform, we used Divi, one of the most popular and effective theme and page builders available for WordPress. We were able to use that to create a website that matched what Exceed Fundraising was looking for. In addition to the various great features you can use through Divi, we also wrote lots of additional lines of customized code. This was necessary to build the site into a fully functioning self-service eCommerce system that meet the needs of the non-profits, schools and other organizations that use Exceed Fundraising’s services.

Responsive eCommerce Style System and User-Friendly Functionality

With the new site, we knew it was important to make things as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, so we designed it so schools could create their own accounts. From within their own accounts, they can now select the various products they want to use, list them for sale and then continuously track the sales to an individual student. This makes Exceed a one-stop-shop for all the fundraising needs of an organization. In terms of school and non-profit specific fundraising, this is a truly revolutionary and cutting-edge platform that brings the chocolate, popcorn and cookie dough we all know and love firmly into the digital world. Some of the features we have put in place on this site did not exist in other similar and competitor’s fundraising service pages. Making it a real first for the industry.

Quick and Easy User Account Setup

When building the site, we tested it many times to ensure it was quick and easy for anyone to setup a school page. The result was a platform where users could setup an account for their school, organization or even a church within 20 minutes. With little to no headache or the need for outside help, they could then immediately start selling products for fundraising purposes. The client was very pleased, as were we, with the level of responsiveness and the intuitive design.

Still to Come in the Future

We are still working with Exceed Fundraising and making further developmental changes to the website to meet their growing needs. One of the things we are especially excited to be working on for the client is a special fantasy football charity platform we are designing that will be available to schools in all 50 states who want to use it as a part of their fundraising options.

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