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Fulmer, May and Stuckey

May & Stuckey Attorneys At Law

https://maystuckey.com/ The law firm Fulmer, May & Stuckey are a local business that serves the Birmingham area offering a wide range of legal services. From all areas of business law to estate planning and beyond, they have an experienced team of attorneys. We have already established a strong and effective working relationship with two of the partners from Fulmer, May & Stuckey, so it was no surprise that they approached us to handle complete web presence management for their brand-new law firm.

Starting From The Ground Up – Within 60 Days

As it was a new firm we were designing and creating a website for, we had to do it completely from scratch and from the ground up. This was the best approach anyway for delivering to the client exactly what they wanted and needed. We are proud of the fact we delivered on this, above and beyond what was requested within 60 days.

In that time, we delivered May & Stuckey a new logo and branding color guidelines in addition to building a responsive website. We also provided the firm with 15 professional photographic stills and three 15-second B roll videos that can all be used for their ongoing marketing campaigns.

SEO Optimized Legal Copy

As the site was built from the ground up, it needed completely new, unique and of course, SEO optimized content. That is one of the core services we offer here at Webology, so was no problem really. As this is a legal site, though, we knew we had to meet the industry standards, while still hitting SEO targets and producing content that was unique, fresh, informative, professional and engaging.

To fill out the website, we presented the client with 12,000 words of fully SEO-optimized legal web copy. – Again, this work was delivered in under 60 days along with everything else – In order to do this right, we took a cutting-edge approach. One that most of the other web agencies, especially in the local area, aren’t aware of. The method we used involved AI-driven tools to pinpoint the right keywords, page structure, code and content based on scientific analysis of competitor averages. Hands down, the way we do SEO now is unmatched and we’re seeing pages jump 30-60 positions in Google overnight from making simple on-page changes based on data instead of ‘best practices’ followed by time wasting trial and error.

Responsive WordPress Design

Nowadays, modern internet users are used to a certain level of usability and functionality from websites. We knew with our design for the new Fulmer, May & Stuckey site that it had to be as user-friendly as possible. We are experts at working with WordPress and using programs like Divi to develop pages that work exactly as they are expected to across multiple devices. The client and our team are both pleased with the results.

Our Continued Work with Fulmer, May & Stuckey

With the Fulmer, May & Stuckey website now fully up and running, we are now moving ahead and continuing to work with them as a client. We now are providing the ongoing aspects of our complete web presence management service. As part of this service, we provide the client with effective Google Ads, Retargeting, SEO optimization (including constant monitoring of what is working and what isn’t) and SEO
optimized legal Content Marketing.

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