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Webology is a digital marketing agency that manages

WordPress website hosting for clients who are serious about making their site SEO-ready. We offer free websites design and three free business domain email addresses with all of our 1-year hosting contracts. Our offices are located at 1500 1st Avenue North Birmingham, Alabama 35203.


Pricing On Managed WordPress Website Hosting


Email(s) Storage Bandwidth Price


3 500MB 500MB



5 1GB 700MB


Advanced 7 2GB 1GB



Managed WordPress Website Hosting Package Features

  • All of our hosting plans include FREE domain email of business websites,
  • reliable and consistent backups
  • and top-of-the line tech support to guarantee maximum uptime.
  • We are always available to answer your questions
  • or provide support.

Why does it Matter How Fast My Website Loads?

The answer really depends on you.

Is your website just a placeholder?

Some brands treat their websites like a business permit.

“I have to have one, but I wish I didn’t”.

  • If you’re of that mindset,

    basic hosting is right for you.

  • You need just enough server bandwidth to load your homepage in under 3 seconds.
  • That will mostly keep the few site visitors you get engaged with the page for a few seconds or more.

However, if you primarily use your website to generate revenue or leads for your business, you’ll want to invest in premium hosting. Getting your load times around 1 second will dramatically improve your mobile user experience.

The higher account limits will ensure that your site can handle all the traffic generated by your digital marketing efforts. Additionally, Google rewards faster loading websites with a slight boost in rank. Premium hosting is surprisingly affordable and might help you increase your business revenue.

Websites Hosting Services
Wordpress Hosting Plans

What’s the Best Way to Host a WordPress Website?

WordPress websites are database-driven and require more server resources than static HTML websites. Additionally, they require frequent updates to guard against the risk of hacking. It’s best to work with a company that will provide full-service management to include server backups, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

With WordPress, you often run into compatibility issues during regular site maintenance that can cause your site to crash or load improperly on certain devices due to CSS issues.

These problems can be time-consuming, even for experienced developers. So, it’s best to save your time and leave site maintenance to an experienced team. Beyond choosing to DIY or outsource your WordPress hosting, you also have a few choices in platforms.

  • Here they are ranked from best to snail’s pace:
  • -Dedicated Server
  • -VPS or Cloud Hosting
  • -Shared Hosting

Any of these options mentioned above can be improved upon with a few technical improvements like CDN setup or server-level caching.

Why WordPress?

Brands that are serious about revenue generation will always want to choose an SEO-friendly CMS for their website. WordPress allows SEO agencies like us to have more control over on-site ranking factors.

What are some Server Optimization Tools to Increase Site Speed and Security?

  • HTTP/2 – What’s that?

    If you’re old enough to remember the late 90’s, you were probably amazed at the speed improvements of DSL over dial-up Internet. The HTTP protocol is as old as the Internet, but it’s just recently been upgraded for speed. Think of going from HTTP to HTTP/2 like moving from dial-up to a direct fiber connection. It’s insanely fast compared to the original protocol.

  • HSTS – Another Boring Tech Acronym. But you should care because…

    HSTS makes your secure site even more secure by forcing sessions to use HTTPS instead of unsecure HTTP connections. Having an SSL properly installed and configured is yet another minor ranking factor Google looks at, so it’s best to have this enabled on your web server.

  • Using .htaccess for technical SEO

    Technical SEO wizards love using this file to make site improvements. It’s simple, fast, and efficient. Less experienced WordPress developers often rely on plugins to make the same changes you can implement with just a few lines of code added to an .htaccess file.

    Those developers are sacrificing site load times and bogging down their server memory with unnecessary processes by cutting corners. It’s best to manage technical SEO tasks like fixing mixed content issues and redirecting 404 errors through your server instead of using messy plugin solutions within WordPress.

  • Mod_Pagespeed – Server Optimization Software from Google

    Do I really even need to explain this one? Google released a product to make your web server better for SEO. It’s a no-brainer! If Google releases a technical SEO product, you know it’s going to be good for Google ranking.

    That’s absolutely the case with their Pagespeed server module. It’s an open-source Apache server module which does many things like server-level caching and filtering out unnecessary payloads.

HTTP/2 is like strapping a turbocharger on your web server. Google’s Mod_Pagespeed removes all the unnecessary weight to make it go even faster.


WordPress Plugins We Recommend to Improve Server Performance


  • -Kraken.io: Sacrifices 1% of image quality to reduce image file size by up to 80%
  • -WP Fastest Cache: Caching and minification of resources
  • -WP Rocket: Another caching plugin available in free or premium versions
  • -Perfmatters: Disables unneeded WordPress features causing unnecessary HTTP requests

Important note: Making these plugins work with your WordPress Theme, server caching, and any custom code on your site is a song and dance routine that will leave you frustrated at times.

Backup your site and run speed tests to get a baseline report BEFORE attempting to optimize for speed.

SSL Certificates – Why do you Need One?

Wordpress Affordable Packages  

Websites without an SSL installed are vulnerable to data theft.

Any device between your server and site visitors can intercept passwords and credit card info.

If you don’t have any of that traffic to your server, it might be tempting to think you can save costs and avoid purchasing an SSL. You’re going to change your mind though when you hear what Google is doing to force webmasters to adopt SSL certs. They are so concerned with making the web a better place that they have added SSL implementation to the list of ranking actors. Additionally, they are warning users against clicking on sites listed in organic search if there is no SSL. Chrome browser is also warning users about unsecure sites and making it unlikely that anyone will click through to your website if there is no SSL. It’s basically a requirement now to have an SSL certificate installed on your site.

How Much does an SSL Cost?

Fortunately, getting an SSL setup doesn’t have to break the bank. You pay a small fee each year to renew the certificate. Basic SSL setup is included in all of our hosting packages. However, if you already have a site with hosting we can help with setup.

Which Certificate Should I Choose?

Depending on what type of purpose your website serves, you may need to purchase higher level SSL certificates. For most types of informational websites, including; Lead funnels, Blogs, or simple company websites, a basic; or ‘Validated’ SSL certificate is more than adequate. Websites that handle mid-level payment, and/or personal information really should consider using at minimum, the Organization certificate. Any site handling higher-level personal, or payment information including; Bank account and/or routing numbers, social security numbers, etc, should consider the Extended level certificate.

What should I do if I have subdomains to protect?

Protecting subdomains, along with the primary domain, (subdomain.yourdomain.com) > (yourdomain.com), means; that you must purchase a WILDCARD certificate. These are offered in the following; security levels, Validation and Organization. Please see the chart below for pricing.  
Certificate level Wildcard Price
Validated no $15.99
Organization no $25.99
Extended(Green Bar) no $115.99
Validated YES $85.99
Organization YES $185.99

What is Domain Registration?

This is often confused with website hosting because many service providers bundle them together. However, domain registration simply reserves your website address (URL) for your exclusive use. This is different from website hosting which is simply server space where your website files and information resides.

What are the Advantages of Letting Webology Manage My Domain Registration?

  • Here’s one nightmare scenario that we have seen a few times when clients manage their own registration:
  • -Client changes email addresses and does not setup email forwarding
  • -Credit card on file with domain registrar is cancelled or expired
  • -Domain registrar cannot reach client by email to renew subscription
  • -Domain expired, clients site goes down, weeping and gnashing of teeth

When you manage hundreds of domain registrations like we do, you put systems in place to keep all your domains paid-up with the registrar. That’s why we want to manage your domain. It gives you peace of mind knowing your website will reliably be online.

When we register on your behalf, it is always your domain. Should you decide to cancel service at any time, you may request a domain transfer to your own account free of charge.

What Work is Included in the 30-minutes Monthly Site Maintenance?

We don’t consider most of the maintenance work that goes on against your time. Here’s just a few of the services your monthly site work can go towards:

-WordPress Updates

-Theme Updates

-Plugin Updates

-Add Your Content

-Add Your Supplied Photos

-Install New Plugins

-Email Troubleshooting

We will work on any of those tasks mentioned above for up to 30 minutes per month. This service is included in all monthly hosting packages.

We will not count these tasks against your time:

-Server backups

-Server maintenance

-Server optimization

-Email Setup

-Malware Removal*

-Correct Responsiveness Issues*

*Note: These only apply to any websites we built for you.

How do I Get Free WordPress Web Design and Fast, Low-Cost Hosting?

If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us at 205-636-8612. If we are able to fit your project into our schedule this month, it will typically be completed within 30 days or less.

Our hosting packages come with a 7-page brochure site that’s been designed on a customized, premium WordPress theme. If you need additional pages or custom code, we will quote it separately.

If you do need more features or pages on your site, fill out the form below. We have an expert development team ready to help you with any size project. We’re experts at eCommerce, MLS integration, and custom PHP development.

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