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Today I’d like to take some time to write about a great client of ours. Josh and Brooke Bales operate Appalachian Tactical Academy. They provide firearms training classes for the armed citizen. Josh got his start in the business as a range instructor for the U.S. Marines. He brought his knowledge to the private sector by offering CCW classes and certification to his clients in Kentucky. Josh focuses on safety and tactics in his no-nonsense training courses. If you’re in the area, check out their training schedule to see if you can make it to an upcoming class.

Calendar Plugin: A Great Way to Automate Scheduling and Enrollment

One of the things we had to figure out early on for Josh and Brooke was a way to automate class booking. When you’re building a website for firearms training businesses, it’s important to make scheduling a class as simple as possible. So, we found a scheduler plugin that works great for allowing their customers to sign up right off the website. This can work for a lot of different business models as well. So, let’s say you wanted to do a networking event in Birmingham and you only have room for 50 people.
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With this plugin, you can set the maximum attendance to 50 people. You’ll get notified when someone signs up, and it’s easy to manage cancellations. Reach out if you want some help from Webology setting up this plugin on your site.

Educate Your Clients: Embed Videos Into Your Site

One important aspect of building a successful website for firearms training business is client education. Brooke and Josh have to prepare their clients for training day by instructing them on what to bring. It’s really easy when you have the Divi editor installed on your site. Divi allows Josh to easily embed YouTube instructional videos directly into the ATA homepage without calling us for help. Now his clients know what to bring and what to expect on the first day of training. I love giving my clients control over their own sites. Why should you have to call your web developer just to add a video? With Divi and a few minutes of free training, most of our clients have no problems managing their own sites.

Webology – Your Web Development Experts

At Webology, we’re busy studying the web so you don’t have to. Do you have a firearms related business? Would you like help developing a new website or marketing your existing site on the web? We also offer SEO marketing services to rank your business on Google.
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In fact, this article is designed to help Josh and Brooke with their search engine ranking! We go above and beyond for our clients. Even if you don’t do SEO with us, we link to your site to help with search engine ranking. ATA picked up four hyperlinks out of this article to help boost their ranking in Google. Become a Webology client and experience world-class customer service and support.

ATA – A Website for Firearms Training Business by Webology