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In today’s world, marketing has become more accessible through the use of the internet. Everyone involved in marketing has a lot of tools they can use to reach their customers. However, it is not the same in the medical marketing sector. The healthcare sector faces many challenges, such as a complex market structure and strict HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare marketing was illegal for a long time, and it took years before it could be considered ethical. When marketing a medical product, healthcare professionals must be careful about the brand message they use to advertise. This avoids inflation of results of a particular medical service or product. We know marketing healthcare services and products can be a challenging task. However, Webology is a recognized SEO company listed on the list of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US. Our digital healthcare marketing professionals can help you optimize your medical SEO marketing strategies for the best results.

How Does SEO Fit Into a
Medical Marketing Plan?

In order to run a successful medical practice, hospital, or healthcare organization, your website must help you facilitate patient communication and help you get more patients. However, this will not help much if the patients cannot find you online.

People Constantly Search for
Medical Services Online

Are they finding your website? When people need to find medical services, they often search on their phone for the closest and best option through google. One major question to ask is, are they finding your website? When your website appears at the top of the google results, patients are more likely to click on your website and schedule an appointment.

Losing the top slots of the search results means losing patients to your competitors. This is why healthcare SEO is necessary for your medical website. It will help rank your website at the top of the search results page so more patients will turn to you for medical services. Google has up-to-date directions for good SEO on medical content that will help your digital online presence rise to the top.

What is Medical SEO?

Medical search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the rankings of your medical website in search engines. It involves using keywords that patients often use to search for medical services that will generate traffic for your medical website without paying for ads.

When a search occurs on a search engine such as Google, the ranking of the results shown is done using algorithms programmed into the search engine. The keywords typed in the search box will help decide which results come first.

Search engines are getting smarter as technology improves, so medical SEO services cannot rely on keywords alone. When creating a medical SEO website, you should put into account the content quality, backlinks, listings, reviews, and more to make your website outstanding.

Local SEO for Doctors

Local SEO for doctors is a type of SEO that will help your medical website rank higher in search results based on the location. Some patients might use phrases like “doctors near me,” and the search engine will use the IP address or geo-location to connect the patient with the nearest doctor that has good SEO. It will help your medical practice gain significantly in online visibility.

SEO for Hospitals

SEO for hospitals involves improving the ranking of hospitals and healthcare organizations on search engine results pages when a patient uses specific keywords. Better visibility in the search results will result in more traffic to the hospital’s website and more inquiries about the services offered. When your hospital or medical practice shows up organically in search results, you will edge out competitors, and your hospital will stand out to potential patients.

How much does it cost for SEO services?

SEO has become vital in digital marketing, yet most hospitals and medical practitioners forget about it. Whenever you want to determine the costs for your medical website SEO, remember that SEO is a long-time investment for your business’s success.

Different factors will determine the cost of SEO services, such as the experience and pricing model of the agency. It is advisable to partner with an experienced and qualified agency rather than choosing the cheapest agency in the market.

Simple Contracts – Only a One Month Commitment

At Webology, we offer simple month-to-month service agreements because we stand behind our work. When we finish building your website, the website is all yours, including any work we do on it. We are dedicated to being transparent with our clients and building trust. If you’re looking to partner with a healthcare SEO company, give us a call today and we will schedule a complimentary audit of your web presence.

What does an SEO specialist do?

Like any other marketing professional, the job of an SEO specialist is to create more sales for the company they work for. SEO job responsibilities will vary depending on whether the person works for a digital marketing agency, freelancing for a client, or working in the digital marketing department of a company. Either way, the responsibilities are pretty similar and will include the following.

Optimizing Your Website Content for Google

One of the most significant responsibilities of an SEO specialist is optimizing your website’s content so that it can rank high on search engines such as Google. Optimizing a medical page will include ensuring that it contains quality content and good metadata, that the website pages load quickly, external links are well linked, and a clean HTML structure.

Optimizing also involves improving conversion rates for your page by experimenting with different elements and choosing the one that works best. Optimization helps increase search engine traffic and ensures your medical practice is on top of the search engine results.

Acquiring Links from Healthcare Niche Blogs

A medical website SEO specialist searches the internet to find healthcare niche blogs with the best content to link to your healthcare page. This helps create better relationships between your website and other websites using several link-building tactics.

When more websites and content are linked to your page, it is an excellent vote of confidence in your content, and Google will consider that while ranking your website page in the search results. As an SEO specialist, it is our duty to actively look for opportunities that will encourage other websites to link to your website legitimately.

Technical SEO Checkups

Technical SEO checkups refer to elements that do not involve your website’s content. It involves strategies to improve the website foundation and backend structure to make it more user-friendly. Technical SEO will include performing a thorough page analysis to find opportunities that will improve your website.

Some of the areas that technical SEO looks to improve are website speed, crawlability, mobile friendliness, indexing, and the overall website structure. Better readability is also crucial for a website to improve user experience. When these features are up to date, it shows search engines that your website is good and ranks it high on the search engine results.

What are the types of
SEO services?

SEO is a complex field that involves different types of services. However, all these services have only one goal: to optimize your website for better visibility in search engine results. Here are some healthcare SEO services offered by our agency.

Local SEO Strategies


Local SEO strategies focus on the local area where your healthcare business is located rather than a national focus. It involves increasing your online presence in your local community and promoting your medical services to local patients.

The Google Business Profile (GBP) for your healthcare business will determine how well your medical practice ranks on google search results. In this profile, you should include the address, business description, reviews, photos, and operating hours of your practice.

When a patient searches for medical services based on location, the search engine results pages will look at the proximity, relevance, and prominence of the search to determine if you meet the various requirements. We provide an excellent local SEO strategy that will ensure you do not miss out on potential patients looking for medical services. Click here to see our case study on how we were able to generate phone calls for a local doctor by optimizing their GBP properly.

National SEO Campaigns


National SEO campaigns are similar to local SEO strategies. However, national SEO campaigns focus on ranking your medical website through a broad selection of keyword terms rather than specific geographical terms.

The online presence has become very competitive in today’s technology-driven society. There are many more healthcare businesses on a national level using SEO than those at the local level.

National SEO campaigns will help your healthcare business reach many patients nationally, transforming how your medical services compete in the market.

Creating a national presence takes time, but eventually, you will see a positive return on investment for your business. Our experts will help you develop a custom strategy tailored to your medical business, making it stand out from your competitors.

Medical Franchise SEO


Medical franchise SEO is marketing that focuses on improving the image of your medical practice franchise among potential patients. Medical franchise SEO will use either local or national SEO strategies depending on the nature of your medical practice franchise.

To improve the search engine results for your franchise, you will have to produce website SEO content for multiple digital platforms.

It uses on-page SEO such as blogs and articles, combining them with off-page SEO such as video content, Google My Business, backlinks, and social medial posts.

Franchise SEO uses a broad strategy, so the content produced for your medical practice has to be highly adaptable. The content for your medical franchise will be customized to reach the appropriate audience, and the franchise SEO work will result in high conversion rates.

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