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Simple Email Marketing Agency Pricing

Our pricing model is simple and designed to scale with your business. We offer flexible month-to-month contracts and our services are backed by over 10 years of experience in digital marketing.

But why would you trust an SEO agency with email?

It’s simple – we already have to do outreach at scale to be effective at SEO!

We’re pros at many effective email strategies in a number of niches.

We’ve sold everything through email you could imagine from HVAC maintenance contracts to health and beauty eCommerce products.

We also use email marketing to build the authority of client websites.

With years of experience in white hat link-building through legit outreach, we’re pros at getting a high response rate and converting through cold email. And on the warmer side, we also manage many successful recurring newsletters for customers in many different verticals. Put our overall expertise in digital marketing to work for your brand today by hiring Webology to manage your campaign today.


If you don’t have a list, we’ll source it for you.


We provide audience targeted blog content to help educate and inform your audience.


Your campaign will be optimized for deliverability and max conversions.

How Much Does an Email Marketer Charge?​

And should you choose an agency or a freelancer to do the job?

If you look at this question from the standpoint of price alone, the choice is easy.

Hiring a freelancer to manage your email marketing will almost always come with a lower monthly cost. However, there’s a disadvantage many decision-makers don’t always take into account and that’s access to specialized talent.

Would you rather have the same person running your email campaign that also has to write your web copy and design images, or would your email marketing strategy benefit from a team of experts in each area?

At Webology, we have a large team of writers, designers and web developers able to provide full-service email marketing solutions without getting stretched too thin to really deliver the world-class content your audience deserves.

How Much Does it Cost to Work With an Email Marketing Agency?


By having members of our team that just do design or only write blog-style content, we’re able to deliver email marketing services with a greater attention to detail and strategy.

Compared to freelancer services, an email marketing agency will almost always have a higher monthly retainer.

However, email marketing agencies offer a lot more than just someone to manage your campaign on a month-to-month basis.

When you partner with an email marketing agency, you’re not just paying for the email service itself. You’re also paying for the years of experience and expertise each member of the agency email marketing team possesses.

What Are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services are the process of using email to promote a product or service online.

This can be done through a series of email blasts promoting a product or service or through email newsletters that provide valuable content to subscribers on a regular basis.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of digital advertising and when done correctly, it can result in an amazing 36X ROI according to Constant Contact.

If you ‘re not using email to reach your target market, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! Webology offers email marketing services that are designed to help you reach your target market and convert leads into customers. We have a team of experienced email marketers who will work with you to create a campaign that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals.

What Are the 4 Types of Email Marketing Strategies?

There’s a few more but to keep things simple, we’ve broken it up into 4 distinct strategies you can adopt to promote your product or service via email marketing. The first one we’ll look at is usually the most common one people think about in an eCommerce setting.

Email newsletters can keep your brand top of mind and you can time them strategically to hit your audience at peak buying times throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look at newsletter marketing and how it may benefit your brand.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a series of email blasts that promote a product or service in a less overt way. They are usually sent on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, and can be used to establish thought leadership among your audience through the sharing of educational content.

Newsletters are a great way to keep your brand top of mind and remind your audience that you’re still around, but you shouldn’t make it all about you! Make a genuine effort to educate and inform your newsletter audience and you’ll be rewarded with higher conversions and less unsubscribes.

Our #1 rule for newsletter content is to always provide value to the audience above all else.

Promotional Emails

Next up on our strategy list is the classic promotional email.  They’re great for generating leads and driving sales, but they should be used sparingly to avoid annoying your audience. They are usually sent to a sales list that has opted into your communications, and can be used to promote sales, new products, or special offers.

Retention Emails

It’s often said that it is much easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. That’s the goal of the retention email strategy. The main focus of retention email content is to keep your customer engaged and interested in your product or service. This can be done by providing valuable content, such as tips, tricks, or interesting facts, that will help them use your product or service more effectively.

You can also use retention emails to cross-sell or upsell other products that your existing clients may not even be aware of. As an example, many of our clients aren’t aware that we also build websites and remove Google penalties so we may include facts about those services in our correspondence from time to time. Retention emails allow you to strengthen relationships with your customers and encourage them to stick around for the long-term.

Outreach Emails

Also known as cold-email, this strategy leverages a list of contacts to expose new audiences to your brand through email. The email content itself should be short and to the point. You want to pique the interest of your recipient enough that they’ll click through to your website or landing page, but not so much that they feel like they’re being sold to.

In fact, you shouldn’t sell at all here! If you’re reaching out to someone out of the blue, it’s important to provide the most value possible and get right to the point early on.

A great way to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your outreach emails is to limit your text to 5 sentences or less and only include 1-2 links at most in the body of your message.

Getting straight to the point and saving your recipient from having to read too much text will lead to a higher percent of successful responses from each send.

Keep it simple and remember that you shouldn’t sell. Give away knowledge or free samples of your service. You want to help as much as you can and show that you’re an expert in your field.

Which Services do Email Marketing Companies Provide?

Here’s a comprehensive list of commonly available email marketing service options:

Email List Management

Email Template Design Creation

Email Blast Creation

Lead Generation

Full Sales Funnel Integration

A/B Testing

Deliverability Consulting

Spam Filter Consulting

Marketing Automation Integration

What is an Email Marketing Agency?

An email marketing agency is a company that specializes in email marketing. While there are more than a few that specialize fully in email, many other agencies offer it as an add-on service.

Email marketing agencies offer a number of services, the most common being email list management, email template creation, and email blast creation.

Sometimes an agency also offers more specialized services, such as lead generation or full sales funnel integration. The best email marketing agencies will work with you to create a strategic plan for your email marketing campaigns that speaks with your brand voice in a style that your audience will respect and engage with.

Our Process: Outreach and Newsletter Campaigns by Webology

Outreach Campaigns

If you need help with outreach, chances are your business is trying to reach a B2B targeted audience. The data shows that emails can be an effective way to reach business customers, especially when efforts are combined with social media selling on LinkedIn.

Webology has a complete business division that’s totally focused on social media selling, and our team can work hand-in-hand with those programs to get your company at the very top of your customers mind.

All we need from you is information about your ideal customer to get started. We’ll determine that during a discovery call and build you a custom sales list based on the criteria you define.

From there, we can craft the perfect content for this audience that can be shared via both email and social media.

Newsletter Services

If you already have an audience, great! We’ll be able to get started with content and design right away! Our creative team will design your email graphics and our writers will have everything ready for your first send to go out within 30 days or less.

Your users will opt to read your content more often if we do a great job of selling the full blog content that’s mentioned in your emails and on social. Having a high open and click-through rate will send signals to the various email service providers that you’re a trustworthy newsletter service that’s following all the rules in relation to spam. By keeping you in compliance, our newsletter services help you get the best return from your email marketing.

Another important spam-factor to consider when managing a business newsletter is maintaining a natural send rate over time. We’ll look at that next as we cover drip campaigns in email marketing.

Content Marketing Support for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Most marketers agree that the best place to direct a potential customer online is towards your company website. Your website should be the centerpiece of all your internet advertising endeavors. And that’s why constant blogging is critical to the success of your email marketing program, social strategy and even your paid advertising efforts.

People don’t always convert into customers when they first visit a landing page, so give them something interesting to view on another page or post and you’ll keep them on your website longer. This is how customers get to know your brand better in the digital age, so make plans to start blogging right away!

Connecting Blogging and Email Effectively

Your email list is a valuable source of potential website visitors. By sending email content that links back to your website, you can increase traffic and conversions from your email marketing campaign by establishing your expertise and incorporating calls to action throughout your blog posts.

At Webology, our campaigns always include content marketing services that give your audience something truly interesting to read. Typically, we recommend 3-4 informational posts to back up each email you send out. Chances are good that each recipient will find at least one post topic that resonates with them, and you’ll be more likely to get a higher click-through rate out of the extra effort.

Understanding the Email Marketing Services We Use

At Webology, we have a wide variety of tools at our disposal when it comes to email marketing. We constantly test and evaluate new opportunities to get even better at what we do year-over-year.

After 10+ years of managing and tracking lead generation through email, we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a few insights we’ve picked up from watching sales data over multiple years:

Picking the Right Email Marketing Tools

We’ve tested all the different tools out there. Some are more geared towards cold versus warm emails, while others specialize in being more integrated with CRM solutions. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.

Most of the tools you’ve probably had a chance to read about will connect to your existing email provider, assuming it is one of the more popular services like Google, GoDaddy, or Zoho…and if you’re not using one of those, pay close attention to this next section to avoid a few potential pitfalls:

Choosing Email Marketing Software

Wondering which email service is best for email marketing? Should you stick with Google’s Gsuite or try out Zoho? What about Microsoft’s Outlook? The answer, of course, is that it depends on your needs. But if you have an email marketing tool in mind that won’t directly integrate with your service provider, don’t sweat it. You can always purchase a domain that’s close to yours and set it up just for the email campaign you’re working on.

In fact, there may be some advantages to this if you’re planning on running cold email because it will protect the reputation of your primary domain.

Email Marketing and Domain Reputation Management

Domain reputation is the email equivalent of your “sender score” in the physical world. It’s a measure of how likely your email is to be considered spam by email providers. A good domain reputation is essential for email deliverability.

If your email marketing campaigns are landing in spam folders, you’re not going to see that 36X ROI that we mentioned earlier. That’s where email marketing agencies can help. The best email marketing agencies will have a team of experts that can help you not only create great email content, but also make sure that it’s delivered to the actual inbox of your recipient.

We use tools and processes backed by years of experience making sure our campaigns follow all the rules of email marketing.

Reach Out Now to Access Agency Email Marketing Support

Email marketing is a cost effective form of digital advertising and we work hard to ensure that our clients see a return on their investment. We focus on providing the most value possible and getting right to the point early on. If you’re looking for an email marketing agency that can help you create and execute a strategic plan, reach out below:

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‘Our partnership with Blake and the team at Webology has been exceptional. They’re SEO experts who work efficiently, deliver high-quality results, and have quickly helped us improve our ranking and increase lead generation. We’re excited to continue our collaboration with their team!’

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