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When you are an eCommerce business, you rely on your website for traffic and visitors that convert into revenue. Likewise, local businesses need a steady flow of leads to keep the doors open each month and online marketing delivers in both cases. But what do you do when your website’s not performing like it should?

For that matter how do you even know if your website works for you or not? As frustrating as it may seem, you have to get a handle on internet advertising if you want to stay competitive these days. More importantly, you need to track and measure results because there’s no other way to know if you efforts are working or not.
That’s where conversion rate optimization services can come into play and help you crush your next revenue benchmark.
PPC and SEO can both lead to visitors coming to your site, but do you track your conversion rate? If you haven’t checked it lately, or ever, then you need to have someone look into it. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table and that sort of inaction is just what your competition is hoping you’ll do. Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO for short, will help you capture more market-share online and beat your competition into submission. But first you’ll need a baseline to compare your CRO efforts against.

Measuring Your Digital Marketing Conversion Rate

It’s great if you like your current conversion rate of turning visitors and traffic into actual business through your site. It’s not so great when you wish you could be doing better with your website. In either case, you can probably be doing better than you are right now. The only way to know for sure though is to get a baseline measurement.

Having conversion rate experts analyze your website and its traffic means you can find out how well you’re actually doing in turning traffic into business. From there, a conversion rate optimization expert can help you find ways of improving the amount of business you generate from your website visitors.

What Is a Conversion?​

Simply put, your website conversion rate is your total number of conversions when divided by the overall number of site visitors. For instance, assume your website gets 2000 visitors in one month, and you also get 500 sales. Divide 500 by 2000, and you see that your conversion rate is 25%. Remember that conversions can be anything from making an actual purchase right then and there or just clicking on a button to get your emails in the future. Your online domain might even have multiple conversion goals, and they might be different.

What Is a Conversion Rate?

Simply put, your website conversion rate is your total number of conversions when divided by the overall number of site visitors. For instance, assume your website gets 2000 visitors in one month, and you also get 500 sales. Divide 500 by 2000, and you see that your conversion rate is 25%. Remember that conversions can be anything from making an actual purchase right then and there or just clicking on a button to get your emails in the future. Your online domain might even have multiple conversion goals, and they might be different.

Why Conversion Rates Are Important ?

Tracking your conversion rate lets you determine how well your web page is performing. When you know what percentage of your traffic is turning into actual sales, then you know how well you are meeting the goals you have set for your business. It helps you see what is working, but you also can identify new areas of opportunity to explore and expand on.

You can also get more business off of the same level of traffic just by boosting your conversion rate. When your SEO is possibly maxed out or just taking time to generate traffic growth, then focusing on maximizing your conversion rate is a smart move. Growing your conversion rate also means that you’re going to get more out of any money you are spending on ads and SEO. You’ll either be free to cut back on ad spending and SEO while still getting the same benefit, or you can turn your new revenue into more ad spending and SEO work.

How Do You Optimize for Conversions?

Conversion rate optimization can happen through many different strategies. However, there is a handful that we know are easier to start than others.

  1. A/B Testing: Split your existing traffic into two different categories. Group A would get a website version different than the people in Group B. The idea is to change only a single variation, be it a font size, design, buttons, colors, or headlines. A/B testing sometimes involves 24 different website versions before it’s all said and done, but in going through all this, you can see what specific variations deliver you more or less traffic. Add up the winners for your best online version to sprout more business.
  2. Speak Colloquially: We understand the temptation of wanting to sound smart and sophisticated. Everyone wants to impress people. That can also be off-putting. You need to speak to prospects in everyday language. Just look at our writing here. We try and use short sentences with a common vocabulary. We could bury you in acronyms and technical jargon, but instead, we explain the few terms we use. We assume you already know SEO and PPC, but we usually explain every other term at least once. Don’t treat people like they’re stupid, but also don’t be so high and mighty with your vocabulary that you make their brains hurt.
  3. Customer Value Proposition: This is also known as CVP. In short, it describes what added value your business offers customers they can’t get anywhere else. Prospects might show up wondering what they’ll get if they buy from you, but what you want to them know is why they should buy from you and not a competitor. Craft your customer value proposition just right, and you’ll move things right to the bottom of a consumer conversation funnel. They should know why they should buy from you with clarity the very second your web page loads. Do you know what Walmart’s CVP is? If you said “everyday low prices”, then you are right. Short, simple, effective.
  4. Eliminate All Concerns in Advance: When you buy clothes in a brick-and-mortar store, you try them on to make sure they fit first, right? That’s hard to do online, which is why many garment retailers have free returns and shipping for anything that doesn’t fit just right. The more expensive something is, the more important this is. Identify the specific concerns prospects might have with your products and services and then address them any way you can. Put up live chat boxes, have a toll-free customer service number, create an email account, talk to customers on social media, put up a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and use prior customer reviews and testimonials to assure customers their money isn’t going to be wasted with you.
  5. Instill a Sense of Urgency: Does your website ever list how many of a particular item is left in stock? Amazon sellers often do this, and they do it to great effect. It’s easy to get lost in hundreds if not thousands of options when shopping for things online. Analysis paralysis is inevitable sometimes. Prospects need a reason to actually buy something. You can create a sense of urgency in two ways. First, you can limit how long something might be available or at a particular price. Second, you can limit the actual supply. Just make sure that you’re authentic about it. People who travel are wary of hotels that always have “only two rooms available” all the time. Earn trust, but never abuse it.

Surprised how most of those techniques weren’t actually all that technical? A conversion rate is definitely a specific technical metric you want to improve, but the real secret is remembering that it’s humans you are targeting to turn into more business from your current traffic.

What Does a CRO Agency Do?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. See how we’re practicing what we preached earlier about speaking conversationally?

A CRO agency would then be any digital marketing firm or group of professionals that optimize your business website for higher conversion rates. This process would cover both the desktop version of your website plus your mobile versions since they might actually have different conversion rates. You might even have a different conversion rate on Android phones than on iPhones.

Is Conversion Rate Optimization Part of SEO?

Broadly speaking, CRO has a lot of overlap with SEO. They’re not technically the same if you look at them individually, however. Search engine optimization is about organically attempting to grow the traffic visiting your website. Conversion rate optimization happens after the traffic has shown up and is about turning more of that traffic into actionable business you profit from.

Even if they’re not identical, they do go hand-in-hand. SEO fuels the traffic for a website, and CRO turns that traffic into business. In some ways, it’s like SEO is the headwaters of a river into your site and CRO is the mouth of the river hopefully pouring money into your pockets.

How Do I Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimization?

You pretty much have two choices. First, you can try your own hand at the techniques listed above. Second, you can give experts like us a chance to do it for you. Going solo on this could save you money, but it could also eat up a lot of time. We’re experts in this industry, so we can get things done quickly that might take you time to even learn or figure out. We can deliver the results you want and need while you stay free to focus on your core business activities no one else can.

Are Conversion Rate Optimization Services Worth the Cost?

The better question is how long would it take CRO work to produce enough revenue to offset what you invest into it? Proper conversion rate optimization will boost your business levels off of your current traffic, so it should pay itself off sooner or later.

The second factor that addresses this question is how much potential room for growth is there in your conversion rate. If you might only gain a percentage point or two, then you might not want to put a lot of resources into it. Then again, if a token or even moderate effort would boost your conversion rate by 5% or even 10% or more, then it’s probably going to be well worth it.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization Services Pricing Like?

That might depend on the specific business you want your website to generate. We assume you’re likely an eCommerce business (although we can help any website wanting more conversions), and would be looking at four particular possibilities.

  1. Add-to-Carts: Anything that can be added to a transaction will grow that transaction and improve your average sale value.

2. E-mail Newsletter Sign-ups: Some prospects might be interested in keeping up with your brand before they actually do any purchases. You can still draw them into your orbit.

3. Product Sales: Raw product sales make up most of the revenue of eCommerce sites. Do what you can to boost yours.

4. Shopping Cart Completion Rate: Rare is the site that has 100% of its shopping carts actually check out. The more you see go over the finish line, the more money you are making.

Each goal can boost your conversion rates, but they also entail different kinds of CRO work. A free analysis and quote is the only real way to know what CRO services pricing is going to be like for your business.

Let Us Help

Here at Webology, we have the expertise, tools, and techniques to determine your current conversion rate, how it can be better, and ways to make it actually happen. If you want to get more business out of the website traffic you already have, then contact us for a free consultation and analysis so you can see what your online business can truly be like. With the right research and testing, we’ll boost clicks and conversions while also fixing your bounce rate. Our conversion optimization services can help you reach more leads and prospects by improving your website’s landing page experience.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

‘I could not be more pleased with the work done by this company!! They were professional and patient with me in determining the best plan for my needs. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.’

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‘I have been delighted with the results I have received in such a short amount of time! I highly recommend this company. They will receive nothing but five stars from me!’

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‘They’re great at explaining the SEO process and where we fit into that process.’

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‘Last week, we set up 15 new client meetings in two days that all came from Google.’

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‘They’ve essentially created a new avenue for potential patients to find us.’

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‘Our partnership with Blake and the team at Webology has been exceptional. They’re SEO experts who work efficiently, deliver high-quality results, and have quickly helped us improve our ranking and increase lead generation. We’re excited to continue our collaboration with their team!’

Laurie Heard.

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