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Today more than ever, it’s important to get your dental marketing right so your business will stand out on the web.

Gone are the days were dentists could rely on word of mouth and traditional advertising to bring in new patients each month. You need to partner with a search engine optimization company like Webology to really get your name out there.

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What is Dentist SEO?
Why is SEO important for dental practices?

‘Dental SEO’ is a form of digital marketing aimed at promoting dental services to internet users by improving your website’s ranking in search results, increasing website traffic, and bringing in more new clients through reviews, remarketing, and authoritative positioning of your website.

In the past, people used to ask around and search the phone book for dental offices and professionals. Nowadays, smartphones have made it easier to get anything online. Employing SEO and marketing your services are the best ways to guarantee that your services appear on the first page of results when users search for your services online.

SEO is essential to attracting new clients and keeping your regular clients, regardless of whether you have a good reputation in the field or are new to it. The following are some advantages of using SEO in your practice.

1. Optimizing Your Website Content for Google

Most people visit the pages that appear on the first page of Google search results because they assume the dentists who appear in top positions are better. Google believes the same thing; sites with authentic content and valuable backlinks are more likely to rank high in search results.

It’s a positive feedback loop: the higher you appear in search results, the more likely patients will trust your services and visit your website. The more clicks you receive, the more Google will regard you as a reliable source and keep pushing your website to the first page of results.

2. Search engine optimization increases the amount of traffic to your website.

These are some advantages that good SEO on your website can provide for your brand or company:
  • Increase the authority of your website
  • You can target a particular group of patients.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization can benefit local patients seeking your services.
  • Improve your search engine rankings
All of the above benefits translate to increased website traffic, which increases your market footprint.
One significant benefit of SEO is the capacity to target new clients. With increased traffic comes more potential clients who may be browsing online for your services. Dentists can draw in more patients by focusing on specific keywords for patients looking for treatments.
3. Better website user experience as a result of excellent SEO

SEO campaigns frequently result in better websites. SEO is closely related to your website’s quality level and content. The process will compel you to make changes to your website to make it more valuable to visitors. With these skills. You can improve your website’s value by incorporating essential features.

The user experience of a website should be highly prioritized in good SEO strategies. You should follow specific SEO best practices, for instance:

  • Quick loading of pages
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Pages should have headings and subheadings
  • engaging, unique content
  • Simple website navigation

These features make it easier for visitors to look up and find information on your website.

4. SEO will assist you in remaining competitive

It’s crowded and difficult to stand out on the internet. With your SEO plan, you can stay on par with your rivals or, better yet, surpass them and become the patients’ preferred choice.

For example, if a person with a lousy tooth ache searches “best dentist in my area” on Google, they will find many reviews, dentist directories, and competitor websites. Aside from ensuring that your practice appears in the top search results, improving your SEO will also make your business reputable and win more visitors.

Monitoring SEO enables you to keep an eye on your rivals. It will be possible for you to observe and determine what your intended patients are seeking. By adjusting your strategy to outperform competitors on crucial keywords, you can increase your chances of attracting new patients.

What does Dental Include?

Dentistry has changed dramatically in recent years. Every dentist is now marketing their services online to reach more patients and expand their services.

Due to the significance of SEO for dental practices, Webology is here to help you with your dental SEO service efforts. Together, we can help you make new business connections to increase the number of clients for your practice.

We develop SEO strategies for your company informed by data and offer specialized pricing packages. Only a few businesses are skilled at performing dental clinic SEO, but our marketing specialists have immense experience and have perfected it. Here is a list of what our Dental includes:

Adapting to Google’s ongoing algorithm updates
Examining and testing various content marketing techniques to identify new trends.
Determining the most effective keywords for a specific location
Producing top-notch content that resonates with your target clientele.
Knowing the most recent developments in web and optimization technology
Creating marketing strategies that are both affordable and manageable
Analyzing the competition and coming up with a plan to get the upper hand
Putting those concepts into practice and completing them

Dental Marketing Through Your Website

Your website represents your online service. Making a good first impression is crucial to ensuring that visitors stay on your website and eventually make an appointment.

Webology is an excellent place to start if you need a seasoned digital marketing company, a working SEO strategy, or even building your first website!

Dental SEO Services by Webology

We have assisted hundreds of clients, including dentists, through a range of SEO services to improve their search engine rankings. Our team of skilled experts can help you increase website traffic and bring in more patients for your practice.

The services we offer today are unique and customized for your practice. We provide the following dental SEO services:


  • Connecting your website to your main social profiles
  • Integrating your social media profiles with your schema markup
  • Establishing a solid online social network for your brand.
  • Ensure that your ‘same-as’ data is accurate.
  • Ensure NAP data is accurate and the same across all platforms.
  • NAP is information that includes your business working hours, name, contact, and address of your business.
  • Obtaining high-quality customer feedback on each platform
  • Keeping track of brand reviews and managing your online narrative

Why do Dentists Need SEO and PPC Combined?

Increasing your website’s visibility and usefulness to search engines like Google is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, businesses place bids on specific keywords. If the request is successful, their ad will appear on Google when users perform a keyword search.

One of the most efficient ways to increase the effectiveness of online marketing is to integrate PPC and SEO into your digital marketing strategy.

These are the advantages of combining SEO and PPC:

To achieve a high ranking in search engine results pages

Securing a high ranking on the first page of search engine results is critical because 75 percent of online visitors do not browse past the first page in search results. Combining both PPC and SEO is a sure way to achieve that.

Your advertisement will appear at the top of the search engine results when a user in your area searches online for a dentist. The advertisement will still appear somewhere on the first page even if they choose to ignore it.

Your practice will appear legitimate by its inclusion in an advertisement and organic results, improving your chances of drawing in new clients. Most likely, people will choose you over your rivals.

PPC will help you gain the top spot, and SEO will help you maintain it.

Drives traffic to your site

SEO usually takes four to six months to produce results. The traffic generated by PPC advertising begins immediately and continues throughout the campaign but ceases when it ends.

Building links is effective when you use paid social media ads to direct your content toward bloggers and influencers. SEO traffic generation is greatly influenced by link building. When you combine SEO and PPC, you will receive high-quality traffic to your website.

Improved Strategy Optimization

Including digital PPC and SEO in your marketing strategy will allow you to analyze data from your website. It is less expensive and simpler to determine how keywords perform, making it easier to distinguish between valuable and ineffective keywords for your page.

Let’s Get Started with Dental SEO Services.

Webology is an Inc 5000 recipient agency that has extensive working in dental SEO marketing and more. We’re a growing team of 90+ experts that can help you reach new audiences online through many channels like:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Website Design

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What are the Types of SEO Services That Drive Practice Growth for Companies Like Yours?

Many professionals and clinics have spent time and energy developing a powerful online presence through a captivating website to draw in new clients successfully. Once this has been established, you can implement these crucial SEO techniques to boost your growth.

Local SEO optimization


Dental professionals or clinics that provide local services should focus on enhancing their visibility in local search results to attract more attention using dental search engine optimization. For example, if you own a clinic in Victoria, you should concentrate on that market. Local SEO is crucial for companies with physical locations.

Positive customer reviews and prompt feedback


A 2017 study found that 70 percent of prospective consumers are influenced by customer reviews on online platforms or other trustworthy sources. One of the most reliable places to learn about a company and its history is Google.

Positive customer feedback is valuable to your online presence and services. It unquestionably influences the footprint of your business. Positive feedback contributes to the following:

  • Securing a top spot in the local search results on search engines.
  • Influencing consumer decision making
  • Positive reviews boost traffic to your site
  • Favorable online reviews can help your business boost its online presence.

Don’t forget to reply to customer reviews on your company profile page. If someone posts a negative review of your company online, be careful to respond appropriately and provide the best solution for the user. You’ll get more positive feedback, and customers will increase.

Include your clinic’s location in the design of your website.


Creating a location page on your website is excellent if you have many physical clinics. You should include the following pages on your location pages:

  • An integrated map
  • Photographs of your clinic or office
  • An optimized title and description
  • Relevant information about your practice

Use relevant keywords


How about using dental terminology to connect with patients?

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to filter keyword searches to get the most common keywords for your practice. Doing this allows you to generate a list of pertinent keywords to concentrate on. Once you have them, add them to your website’s URLs and Meta descriptions.

How do you measure the ROI of SEO for dental practices?


Local marketing on GMB is easy in most markets, but getting listed in the organic search results takes more work. We have a massive checklist of various steps we take on a website, knowing that it will take Google weeks to reward us in many cases.

On top of the big delay in the algorithm, we have to deal with a US roofing market that’s running wide open. With all the construction going on, many roofers are pouring dollars into various marketing channels like SEO. It’s tough to stand out, and that’s why you need an expert team of SEO professionals backing up your brand online.

Being effective in the organic results usually takes 3-6 months for even the best SEO teams when it’s a crowded local market. The good news is, the GMB work we include in our full service SEO offering will often provide an ROI for the entire retainer within about 60 days. After that, the strategy I’m about to explain below kicks in and starts producing more and more leads every week.

How to Rank a Roofing Website in Organic Search

Google search results will always vary from one city to the next. Knowing that, my #1 rule for ranking roofing websites in organic search is to always start with competitor analysis.

See what everyone already ranking does and do it better. From your meta title down to the number of paragraphs on your page, almost every HTML signal is a ranking factor of some sort. And guess what…you can right-click on a competitor’s site and hit view source code!

I start by looking at competitor code to see what Google’s rewarding other roofers in your city for. Then we do it better. Ranking a roofing company website in organic search is that simple.

Next up, I’ll show you how to scoop up even more organic leads from nearby suburbs.

Getting Extra Roof Replacement Leads from Suburb Pages

So, you ran your competitor analysis and earned your spot on page #1 for your city + keywords. Now what?

My advice is to expand…

When we provide SEO services to roofers, HVAC companies or any other home service business we eventually move into a suburb page strategy. Smaller suburbs around your main city will be easy to rank for. We usually just optimize 1 page per city with good content and some location schema. Once the page is added to your site menu, it ranks for many keywords in the suburb or town we’re targeting within 60 days.

Of course, we have to ask first and make sure an area won’t result in too much windshield time for your crews! But if you want to expand outward a little bit further from your main office, location pages work really well for a roofing site.

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