Home Services SEO by Webology [Guaranteed Results] – Digital Marketing Agency

Home Services SEO by Webology [Guaranteed Results] – Digital Marketing Agency

We’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for the companies working with us through Google…

What Is Home Services SEO?

While the concept of home services can cover everything from landscaping to interior design, every business and professional involved in this industry should have a website that they rely on for marketing their services to others. Homeowners almost always rely on an internet search when it comes time to get work done and you need to stand out online if you want to capture that business. Let Webology manage your online presence so you can focus on the work and building your team of home service professionals.

Home Services SEO

Our team started out working in home services years ago before we branched out to provide SEO services to other businesses. We still guarantee results for many home service companies like plumbers, electricians and general contractors. Our mission is to give your brand a voice online so you can help more customers in your service area.
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Roofing SEO by Webology

The roofing industry is a perfect fit for SEO services because there’s a high value per lead and as you may already know, a high price per click on Google Ads…

HVAC SEO by Webology

Our expertise in HVAC SEO makes us confident in offering exclusivity to only one contractor in a given area. Reach out today to reserve your spot and ask about guaranteed SEO results for heating and air companies.

Electrician SEO by Webology

Getting connected to more customers in your service area is easy when you hire the right local SEO team. We’ve helped local electricians just like you to earn page 1 placement on Google and expand their customer base.

Plumbing SEO by Webology

One of our earliest successes was a local SEO campaign for a plumbing company looking to find more sewer line repair work and other high margin jobs in their local area. We offer guaranteed SEO results and exclusivity to plumbers.

What Are Home Services Companies?

Home services companies and professionals include HVAC and roofing contractors, but they also include:

Exterior Cleaners

Window & Door



The home services industry might just be bigger than you think!
Approximately 700 different companies are active in the home services sector.
The market value for this industry is about $400 billion.
Google alone conducts over 17,000 monthly searches for just home services alone.

What Drives Effective Home Services
SEO and Website Management?

Many home services businesses involve physical labor and hands-on work. That can be a great thing for people working in this sector. In an age of high technology where so many things have gone digital, you probably savor the traditions involved with your career and the satisfaction that can only come after a day of working hard and then see the results with your own eyes. Someone can walk around their home and notice that the electrical outlets you replaced are safer and more sturdy. A homeowner can come home after you pressure-washed their home and enjoy the vibrant shine or clean view through their windows. They can go to sleep at night without hearing that dripping faucet because you tightened the right fixture under the sink that was causing it.

The ultimate question is: Can you actually see that your digital marketing is working as well as it should be?

The answer to that question is: it depends. You might not immediately see the physical impact of digital marketing and SEO unless you implement the tried and true processes for your home services business:

Great content

High Caliber Links

Technical optimization

Great content delivers value to people who visit your website, the right portfolio of authoritative links from good sources drives your website reputation high enough to generate traffic.

Technical optimization creates a good user experience that keeps people on your website and that makes them more likely to convert.

It’s More Than Just Organic SEO, Though

While the conventional methods of organic SEO will deliver most of the results needed for your home services website, it’s not a good idea to use only those. The nature of your business is decidedly local in nature, and that’s why I emphasize local SEO just as much as organic.

Google My Business is something I’ve used to generate a tremendous amount of business for my current clients in many industries. It’s a wonderful marketing tool for anyone, but it’s especially important for a new brand that’s just starting out.

Even bigger companies can use their network of multiple physical locations to get more leads thanks to proximity ranking factors. In fact, proximity to someone’s physical location is a top ranking factor for Google Maps.

If your business isn’t on the Google Map, then it needs to be.

Even if your office or primary location isn’t open to public foot traffic the same as a brick-and-mortar location, Google sees your proximity to residential homes in the area. The closer you are physically and geographically to people looking for the home services you offer, the higher you will rank in the search results Google gives them. Making the most of your Google My Business profile is paramount to your success online, and that’s why we work on it first.

Your home services website is what we work on next. A website that’s designed well can double, triple, or even quadruple your investment when the right SEO team is handling your website content. In the meantime, a PPC ad campaign can start generating leads immediately while we’re waiting for the SEO techniques to move you up the listings.

The right ad campaign with SEO backing it up can generate more leads than working with Home Advisor, and you won’t have to share leads with other contractors. Google will never admit this, but running an ad campaign can actually benefit your organic rankings too.

Enjoy the Simplicity of Our Home Services SEO Model

If you’re looking for an agency that’s totally focused on SEO to beat out tough competition, let’s schedule a complimentary audit of your website today.

Fill out the form and one of our SEO experts will be in touch to explain your next steps to unlocking organic traffic from Google and other search engines you’ve been missing out on.

Our home services SEO packages
usually involve these specific deliverables:

Citation Management

Content Creation

Custom Lead Tracking

GMB Optimization

Link Building

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Weekly Reporting

Why Does SEO Matter to a
Home Services Business?

If you’re used to cleaning windows, you might not know the first thing about handling the electrical wiring inside a home. Likewise, plumbers might not know a thing about installing energy-efficient doors, windows, and insulation.

However, what professionals in all these different businesses have in common is working in the home services industry, and they all need a website supported by SEO marketing to generate business for them.

Think about your target audience because:
  • They’re the ones buying homes and starting families.
  • They have more discretionary income available.
  • And they’re the most likely to contact your business using the internet.
How much of it is about their homes, families, and their kids or pets?
Think about a family that’s settling down and buying a home right now. They’re needing home services for the first time! When they’re looking for a business to give them the services they need, they’re looking online because they grew up immersed in technology.
  • 93% of all online experiences stem from a search engine query.
  • 97% of all consumers use the internet to find local services.
  • Over 200,000 Google searches happen every year looking for home services.
  • 92% of all search traffic lands on a search result on the first page.
  • Almost one-third of all search traffic uses the very first link generated.
  • Google, by itself, processes over 3.4 billion searches every single day.

Sign Up Now Free SEO Audits for Home Service Businesses

If you are one of the many companies doing business in the home services market, then your website is crucial to generating leads and revenue. Contact us to sign up for a free website audit covering your online domain. We can review your digital marketing and content to find opportunities to capitalize on and potential pain points to fix.

Whether you’re involved in plumbing, electrical, exterior cleaning, or windows and doors, we’d like the chance to start a conversation about possibly managing the website and SEO for your home services business.

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