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Increase organic revenue through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Webology.

We’re the eCommerce SEO experts your business needs if you want better rankings and traffic for your site. Our SEO services include everything you need to take your store to the next level.

We even optimize for conversion rates, earning you more revenue from the existing traffic to your online store.

Of course, our competitors also claim to be eCommerce SEO experts, so why use our professional eCommerce SEO services?

What sets Webology apart from all the other companies in the industry?

Our Team Delivers Results

To see a sample of our recent Google expertise in traffic and rankings, check out this recent case study we did after an algorithm change in Google. An excellent eCommerce SEO company is constantly keeping up with Google changes, and our team tries to be one of the very best of them.

Our eCommerce SEO services can help your online business, site, or store enjoy more revenue. You can keep up with your competitors or even pass them with more customers.

From Page Per Click (PPC) to Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO), our marketing services include custom eCommerce SEO designed to suit your needs and budget.

Page Per Click (PPC)

Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)

Are SEO Services Good for eCommerce?​

Yes. Our eCommerce SEO services can be a wonderful thing for your online business. Whether you sell through your site or Amazon, you want better rankings than your competitors.

We deliver more customers and better revenue, no matter which marketplace you choose.

SEO services can help your company immensely. It helps to know why it’s essential for your website before seeing why eCommerce SEO services are also crucial to your online success on Shopify or Amazon as well.

Why is SEO Services Important?

If customers are important to your Amazon store or traffic is essential to your website, then search engine optimization will be helpful. That’s especially true if competitors aren’t using it.

Customers can find you more accessible if you run an SEO campaign, mainly if you boost it with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign at the start.

When you achieve top rankings for valuable keywords, it improves the visibility of your website or Amazon store. PPC ads can help drive direct traffic early on, but SEO takes a more comprehensive and organic approach. It’s more cost-effective over time but delivers much more traffic where you want it.

Like many other eCommerce SEO companies, our work involves a lot of technical and developmental work. We use SEO to optimize your content and the development of future content.

We also handle in-depth outreach efforts.

We can even follow it up with conversion rate optimization, or CRO. That’s improving how many of your website’s current users convert into revenue, business, or actionable leads.

In short, SEO increases your visibility, so you get more brand awareness and exposure. This leads to even higher page rankings on Google and other search engines, and you get more traffic. That leads to an increased ROI, and stacking on CRO as well can mean higher conversion rates for all traffic channels – Social Media, PPC, etc.

Why eCommerce SEO Matters

You might think that all this sounds great, but you may also wonder about the eCommerce SEO cost behind all of this. How much does SEO services cost is a valid question, but you also need to remember the #1 reason why eCommerce SEO matters:

When done right, it pays off dividends like nothing else!

This is even more true of eCommerce SEO managed by an agency. Companies in this space have entire teams that strictly focus on providing this service to website owners. Hiring an agency like Webology gives you access to the talent you need to stand out against fierce competition. It’s especially powerful for a profit-driven online business such as your own.


A strong emphasis is placed on developing an effective web design strategy or optimizing other online business areas like an app store listing or Amazon product page. External outreach efforts, optimized content, and developmental and technical website aspects are all significant aspects of a properly managed web presence management service like ours. On the other hand, boosting organic traffic isn’t the full extent of our strategies. The driving force behind any eCommerce SEO proposal should focus on converting users into actual customers. That’s the key performance indicator (KPI) that matters most for your store.

A winning strategy is more likely to emphasize chances to deal with user-experience issues with your website design. Specifically, attention needs to be paid to anything that will inspire shoppers to shop. We will help you identify keywords that bring in the right audience and create outreach opportunities that help anyone online find your site if it’s what they’re looking for. Beyond that, we’ll make sure their customer experience is optimized so you easily reach your revenue goals.

We believe that eCommerce stores need SEO if they want to be at the forefront of their niche. Ranking highly for relevant key terms is crucial to getting more traffic to boost your sales. Search engines remain the primary way of routing traffic for business online.

Our eCommerce SEO services make it easy to identify keywords related to people hoping to buy the products you sell. We can use those to rank you highly in front of an eager audience. That eventually leads to the growth of your business and revenue.

We Won’t Change Your Business, Improve It with eCommerce SEO Services – SEO Services Include:

Regardless of what you sell, we can do an eCommerce SEO agency strategy that boosts your standings, traffic, customers, revenue, and overall business. We do this through a comprehensive process that sets you up for success.


  1. The Consultation: Everything starts with this. We don’t bring a cookie-cutter approach. We get to know you, your objectives, your business, and your industry.
  2. Research: Most of what we do is data-driven. We research everything from consumers and competitors to keywords and your current rankings.
  3. Strategy: To serve you best, we deliver customized solutions.
  4. Diving In: Kick back and focus on selling your products as you do best while we roll up our sleeves and do the technical and optimization work we do best.
  5. Measuring: It can take time for noticeable measurements to pop up, but when they do, we’ll know what’s working and what needs more work.
  6. Reassessing: We’ll make adjustments during the campaign based on algorithm changes that happen along the way.
  7. Making the Most of Services: Even in the later stages of a campaign, we keep an eye out for new keywords to which you can beat your competition. We also do conversion rate optimization to keep more of the new traffic you enjoy.

What eCommerce SEO Experts Can Do for Your Company – eCommerce SEO Agency

We’ve already pointed out the general benefits of SEO services in eCommerce in terms of higher rankings and broader visibility leading to more traffic, visitors, revenue, and sales.

However, you might be interested in the specific things we might do as part of our work for you.

1. Amazon Marketing

Our eCommerce SEO services can drive traffic and sales to standalone websites and Amazon product pages. Data-driven marketing efforts and PPP-management campaigns boost your brand presence on the eCommerce platform.

2. Automated Email Marketing

Personalized emails based on the purchase and interests of your consumers mean you can test various marketing campaigns and see what works best. Staying in touch with loyal customers is usually worth it.

3. Blog Content

This is a beautiful way of creating internal links across your website. You can also communicate informative content to consumers regularly. If those aren’t enough benefits, you can also use blog content to establish your website as an industry authority. Working in the right calls to action will direct readers to parts of your site that enhance your click-throughs and boost your CRO.

4. Comprehensive Reporting

You need to know how consumers find your store and interact with it. Our comprehensive reporting is how you know what you’re paying for and getting out of it. This includes reporting on link building, keywords, and integrated analytics access with a tie-in with Google Analytics.

5. Consumer Studies

Thorough analysis of your existing customer base helps us learn how people already use search engines to find your store. Auditing current search results and doing extensive research of keywords helps us lay down the foundation for your next campaign.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

This is different from drawing traffic to your site or pages because it’s about capitalizing on the traffic you already have. Analyzing key performance indicators allows us to track the marketing success in place. A/B split testing, detailed site audits, and search analysis helps us find data-drive ways to grow your conversion rate.

7. Identifying Issues

Common issues plaguing eCommerce platforms include duplicate content, 404 errors, and temporary 302 redirects. We know how to find and fix them by redirecting all 404 errors back to your homepage and turning all 302 redirects to 302 equivalents that lead customers to where they need to be. Our duplicate content removal goes down to meta descriptions and title tags which we optimize using unique copy.

8. Local SEO

Local eCommerce SEO means positioning your products where your target consumers will see them. We can do location-focused optimization, both on-page and off. We even handle Google My Business listings, local citation building, and online reputation management.

9. Looking Into Your Competitors

The purpose of any marketing eCommerce SEO strategy should be to beat out your competition. Studying them is crucial to see why they’re successful in their search factors and using those insights as a baseline for passing them.

10. Off-Page Optimization

eCommerce SEO packages used to be about link quantity, but now it’s more about link quality. The realm of eCommerce isn’t an exception. We focus on valuable links that impact visibility, rankings, and target consumers.

11. Ongoing Keyword Research

Keyword research honestly never stops. While the initial keyword research is crucial to launching the campaign, we also know that the needs of consumers evolve and change over time. That’s why we audit and keep up with growing markets as we develop the recognition and value of your site. Taking advantage of fresh keyword opportunities means your success has longevity.

12. PPC for eCommerce

SEO can take months to generate measurable results. PPC ads can cause immediate and qualified leads among your target audience, leading to online store traffic and conversions or sales. Our PPC services include deep keyword research, search optimization, custom landing pages, and ads that make your value proposition obvious.

13. Public Relations Outreach, Influencer

Creating positive relationships with various websites of high authority can mean getting inbound links. We’ll work with content creators relevant to your industry to get a high-caliber copy on third-party sites. Natural linking gives you diversity in your link profile and content that points people towards your domain.

14. Reputable Industry Resources

We put a lot of effort into looking for complementary companies in your niche to help with link building. Possibilities include honest niche directories and trade associations.

15. Research Means Everything

We use continuing research and our data analysis to see who your target consumers are and how they interact with Google and social media.

16. Setting a Strategy

Research usually comes before this, but we take the time to assemble a road map toward your eventual success. This road map includes specific timelines and tangible milestones. We emphasize meaningful activities that are likely to benefit your SEO most. We accomplish this based on complex data and our own industry experience.

17. Site Speed

This is a massive component of functionality. Almost half of all consumers will leave a site if they wait 3 seconds for it to load and it doesn’t. Minimizing your bounce rate helps your CRO and customer retention.

18. Targeting the Right Keywords

To convey your website’s core function to search engines, we need to integrate very relevant and localized phrases and keywords across your site in a strategic fashion. Keywords that get more specific usually lead to more conversions and sales. We don’t just want keywords to make a search engine trust your website more than before. We want you to get higher rankings. Don’t worry about us doing black hat SEO techniques that get you penalized or blocked. We don’t use them at all.

19. Technical SEO

Site usability is crucial to engendering trust and smooth shopping with consumers. We’ll adhere to the best practices listed by Google itself for optimizing your site. That includes mobile responsiveness, optimizing product detail pages, boosting site speed, fixing technical issues, and implementing schema markups.

20. Website Structuring

We do in-depth market research looking for what current consumers happen to be looking for. Our optimization of your website and product pages will match the needs of consumers looking to spend. When we emphasize the functionality and aesthetics of your site, we are creating a responsive design in WordPress that makes for a compelling user experience whether consumers are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Common Questions About eCommerce SEO Strategy and Custom eCommerce SEO

What are eCommerce SEO Services?

It uses various strategies to enhance your website’s search rankings and individual product pages. An online store might need competitor research, high-caliber link building, and on-page optimization.

What skills are necessary for this?

Our team of skilled professional and eCommerce SEO experts has confidence and capability in identifying and correcting website issues, content production and optimization, link creation on industry-specific platforms, and providing excellent services.

Are eCommerce SEO agencies necessary?

There are many SEO techniques you can learn and do on your own. However, a dedicated digital eCommerce SEO agency has the power to do them better and faster. We’re also more likely to be in tune with the latest algorithm updates that can promote or sink you in the rankings.

How long is it before results are seen?

There can be as many as 200 ranking signals that determine your rankings for particular keywords (industry terms). That makes predictions reasonably impossible in a short time. We advise clients to consider the return on investment that SEO provides as a long-term investment. Given all that, long-tail keywords often show statistically significant improvement within 12 weeks. More competitive keywords might not offer a demonstrable difference for six months.

Why does it take so long?

Unless you’re planning on shutting down your business in the next few months, you should do everything you can to help your ideal audience find you. Our SEO services give your online business visibility that leads to long-term success.

Does your eCommerce SEO cost more than conventional SEO?

We honestly don’t look at them as being different. While their particular elements might vary, we approach each business or client as a unique situation. We get to know you, your goals, your business, and your industry. We determine what would work best for you and then offer practical solutions that fit your available budget. Individual campaigns vary in cost, but nearly all eventually result in a worthwhile return on investment (ROI).

What guarantees do you offer?

Only that we’ll do our best. We don’t promise you specific rankings since Google changes its algorithms often. However, you can see by our case studies that we’re always staying on top of those so we can keep improving the services and results we offer clients.

Let’s Get Started with eCommerce SEO Services.

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  • The status quo never satisfies us.
  • Our team is a group of leaders, rebels, and trend-setters, which means innovation is always part of our SEO game.
  • We constantly refine our craft, so you get improving results all the time.

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