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Video SEO Services and YouTube Channel Optimization

Do you sell products or services online? If you do, you’ve probably already developed a strategy to optimize your website for Google.

What you might not have considered yet is the #2 search engine on the planet – YouTube! More than just a social media platform, YouTube’s built-in search engine is 2nd only to Google.

It boasts more traffic than Bing, Yahoo, and combined. That’s part of the reason why YouTube video SEO needs to be a central element to your overall digital efforts this year.

Over 122 million Internet users visit YouTube every single day, making it the largest online video platform as well. If you already know the power of targeting specific keywords with normal SEO, then you need to make sure your brand is also optimizing videos, too.

YouTube video SEO offers tremendous advantages to any business willing to do the work:

  • 86 percent of all businesses are already using video marketing, so you need to jump in just to keep up.
  • Videos attract people in your audience and earn their support.
  • Our YouTube video services let you take advantage of all the benefits YouTube has to offer.
  • Viewer watch times are on the rise, so video content is a growing avenue for ROI.

So how do you take advantage of video search engine optimization for your brand? A great option is to hire a video production company that has an in-house SEO team like Webology.

Data Driven Video Production Services​

Webology is one of the top YouTube SEO companies because we go beyond great content marketing. We take a data first approach to our video production services to make sure you get both studio quality production and also the keyword strategy you need to produce results.

Our YouTube SEO team researches your competition thoroughly to help your videos have the best chance of ranking in the top page. Reach out if you need help, or keep reading to learn more about SEO services for YouTube channel optimization.

​What Exactly Is Video SEO?

Conventional SEO is about getting your website ranked higher in search engine results pages for relevant keywords and phrases. Video SEO services, also known as YouTube SEO, is no different. You’re just trying to rank videos higher instead of websites. You want your videos to rank as high as possible both on YouTube and in some cases, Google organic search. 


The latter may seem surprising to you, unless you’ve seen just how often videos get featured in the organic results these days. Rule #1 when you’re dealing with Alphabet – They’re not shy about pushing their own products! And YouTube is definitely one of their most-loved products because it provides users with video content that’s often a much better format for learning than written content. Keeping their user base happy has always been one of the key factors to Google’s success, and it’s a strategy you can adopt as well if you have a website for your brand.

Web Users Love Content Choices

Having video content on your website isn’t mandatory to be scored well by Google’s algorithm, but it usually helps. Anyone browsing your website about your products and services will love having a choice between reading your content or watching a video.

Anything they can listen to and watch at the same time engages two of their senses instead of one, making the content much more engaging. Just be sure to place your videos at least 1-2 paragraphs into your content to avoid slowing down your site’s core web vitals score.

Video Metrics to Keep in Mind for SEO


When coming up with a YouTube SEO strategy, there are several factors about the content that need to be catered to, including:







All of these are crucial elements to your video SEO success and need to be balanced.

Video Content Marketing – It All Starts With Keywords?

Before you even come up with YouTube video titles, your video SEO needs to start with keywords. YouTube isn’t just a repository for billions of cat videos. It’s a search engine, just like Google. In fact, it’s owned by Google. As with ranking on Google, you pick certain keywords and then try to rank for them.

When doing videos for your SEO, you need to include your target keywords in specific places. They include:

Video Descriptions: Be authentic with your video descriptions. Include relevant keywords, but don’t overdo it. Google won’t like, and neither will human users.

Video Tags: Relevant tags make it easier for people to find your video when searching. Your first tag should probably be your target keyword. Other tags can be keyword variations.

Video Titles: Any video title you come up with needs to accomplish three things. First, it needs to prove enticing to a user to draw their attention. Second, it needs to include the target keyword. Third, it has to be under a certain number of words or characters. Balancing these three takes creativity, but the results are well worth it.

Managing Your YouTube CTR

One way to measure the success of YouTube SEO services is the click-through rate. The thumbnail of the video is where this happens. A YouTube thumbnail is the cover photo of a video. You can make sure it’s enticing enough that users actually want to click on it.

Why User Engagement Matters for Your Video SEO Strategy

It’s not enough to create and post YouTube video content. You need to:

  • Grow a subscriber list
  • Engage them
  • Communicate with them
  • Socialize with them

These are the people online demonstrating interest in what you have to offer. Engaging them on YouTube helps build brand loyalty and show that you’ll meet them where they’re at, which is hanging out on YouTube when they don’t visit your website.

If you’d like us to get to work immediately, start by scheduling your free SEO consultation on the form below. A member of our team will reach out to schedule a call and go over our findings.

What exactly is ‘Video SEO’ though, and do you really need the added expense? Let’s take a look at all the work that goes into good SEO.

Make Money Off Your YouTube Videos


If your video content draws enough traffic, you might be able to monetize your account to make money off the viewership whether your content leads directly to sales of products or services. This might be possible after you:

  • Get a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • Rack up over 4,000 hours of total watch time
  • Adhere to all the guidelines and policies of YouTube
  • Link to or create an Adsense account

Apply to YouTube’s Partner Program

Why Are YouTube Video SEO
Services Helpful?


In short, YouTube SEO can drive traffic to your website, and that should mean making more money. Video SEO can do three things for you:

More Clicks

 Videos that rank higher get more clicks, just like higher links do in Google SERPs. This results in more traffic for your website. With the right conversion efforts on your website, that means making more money.

More Engagement Is Better

YouTube follows Google’s philosophy of delivering the best content to their users. In doing so, YouTube rewards videos with more traffic based on engagement. This happens by measuring video retention, likes, dislikes, and comments.

Higher Rankings

YouTube registers nearly 2 billion users every month. Passing up the opportunity to engage an audience of this size is not usually a good idea.

Hire One of the Best YouTube SEO Companies Around

If you want to know what video SEO services can do for you or just where to get started, then give us the chance to impress you. Once we get to know your campaign needs, we brief our internal studio with a list of effective recommendations to include in the video creation. On top of video creation, we also promote the videos we make with digital PR efforts and outreach.

Trust the SEO company that has already produced video content for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Contact us at your earliest convenience to tap into the power of this powerful medium with video marketing content or just a free SEO analysis of your current efforts.


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