Online marketing uses a combination of tools to encourage consumers to purchase products or services. For the marketer, there are many different software packages, apps and other tools that can be used, both for information gathering and for actual marketing.

Knowing how a website is performing is very important in terms of online marketing. For example, Google PageRank is among the most important factors in terms of website effectiveness. If your page is not as strong as possible in this metric, then you are under-performing.

SearchStatus is a useful toolbar extension, available for Firefox and SeaMonkey browsers, which is designed to allow you to access performance figures for any website, at any time, anywhere in the world. It is used widely by developers to keep up to date with real-time performance of websites they are interested in, or are using for marketing purposes.

A Specialized Tooloptimization

SearchStatus is a specifically designed tool that is there to help search engine marketers. It offers extensive access to a wide variety of information that can be used to increase performance and monitor progress. The information is displayed in a compact toolbar that is easy to digest, and it provides this information quickly and efficiently.

When you search a website, SearchStatus will provide you with stats on the following:

  • Google PageRank
  • Google Category
  • Alexa Popularity Ranking
  • com Ranking
  • SEOmoz Linkscape mozRANK
  • Alexa Incoming links and Related links
  • Backward links from Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Being able to view all the above in one easy to use tool means the marketer can view a sites link importance and also its traffic importance which, when combined, give a very good overall idea of how a site is performing in key areas.

Simple to Use

SearchStatus is easy to use. Access the tools by way of a menu at the bottom of the toolbar, and choose the information you want to access. Some links open in different tabs, and there are automatic selections that you can enable or disable. These are: Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and mozRank. In the standard settings, this information will be provided automatically.

Installing SearchStatus is also simple, as you simply click the link and it should begin to install automatically. However, it is only available to run on Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey browsers currently. That’s fine if you’re one of those ‘tin-hat SEOs’ that’s afraid to use any Google products. For white hats who have nothing to hide though, it would be really nice to get a Chrome version of the tool ASAP! You will need to restart your computer to use it after your install. After that, it should appear in the lower right corner of the screen in Firefox or SeaMonkey.

Put simply, SearchStatus is an important tool for many online marketers, and for website owners who need to know just how efficiently their site is running in many different areas.

Alternatives to SearchStatus include MozBar, which is available for Google Chrome and supports a wider range of search engines.


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