During the severe weather of 2021 they recorded record-breaking profits and more than 60% of sales were attributed to Google My Business.


Roofing Google My Business listing

After years of mediocre results from their website, we saw an immediate need for local SEO since the company had very poor visibility on Google Maps within a 2.5 mile radius.

Keyword Research

Keyword research would be important for both website content and the Google My Business listing. After identifying the most commonly searched roofing keywords in their local market, we proceeded to update website copy, and added several new categories to their Google listing.


To understand what their competition was doing to earn more spots in the map, we identified the top 3 competitors in Google Maps. From there, we looked
at their local ranking signals, including total review count and how frequently they posted updates and photos to their Google My Business profile.

The Results

Over a 90 day period we tracked steady improvements in their Google Maps ranking within a 3 square mile radius of their office that resulted in a positive return on investment by the 4th month of service. We continued to track improvements in map positioning and total monthly leads for the next few months
until a large storm came through the area causing a sudden influx of leads. During that month their Google My Business profile generated over $3 million in new business from:

• 67 Phone Calls
• 38 Form Fills
• 4 Assisted Conversions

The company used our custom analytics dashboard and their internal CRM to track every sold roof to an exact lead source. In the case of the assisted conversions, a customer had previously interacted with the client’s website prior to calling or filling out a form. By increasing visibility in Google Maps at a key time, our client was able to capture more business than in any prior month.

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