Leveraging Google Maps for [Qualified] Roofing Job Leads

As a roofing company, you want to do everything you can to get more exposure on the internet. A roof is a major investment, and many homeowners shop online and check reviews before calling someone. Their search usually starts in Google on a smartphone though. That’s the audience you need to connect with to grow your sales…here’s how:

If you Haven’t Already – Claim your Google My Business Account!

It’s Actually More Important than your Website!

At least in the early stages…it’s a source of quick wins before your website starts gaining authority. If you’re doing proper SEO, you can tie the two together to make them both work better. But in the early days of a roofing brand, the GMB wins hands-down because it’s ranked differently than your website.

GMB Accounts are Primarily Ranked by Proximity.green icon

This means, you can capture leads that won’t take lots of windshield time to service! One of the best ways to get exposure on the internet is to get listed on Google Maps ASAP. You can beat established listings when the person searching ‘roofer near me’ is close to your office address than the competition. Once you get it listed though, you’ll need to optimize it so that you start showing up on the maps further away from your office. That’s where Webology can help.

We get you noticed on Google by providing advanced SEO services. With years of experience selling roofs online, we’re able to provide you with a variety of tools to better promote your business locally. Things like frequent posting to your GMB profile can help boost map prominence quickly and effectively. We have the tools to track it too!

A Google Business Profile map rank tracking report.

‘With advanced SEO tools we’re able to dial in on your weak areas and focus our posting efforts on the suburbs you need greater exposure in. We’ll chat and figure out the best local markets for you to make sure your GMB content strategy matches those goals. Many of our clients start with most of their local suburbs ‘in the red’. That means they’re not showing up in Google maps at all! After we’re done, the local leads start flooding in like they did for the campaign above.’ – Blake Akers

Since many consumers look to find essential services using a mobile phone, it’s important that you can be found on these devices easily. With the right GMB strategy, consumers will be able to find you quickly, on any side of town.

As a roofing contractor, you’re usually not well known in your area unless you promote yourself very aggressively. But brand awareness can get expensive…If you’re just starting to run 2-3 crews a day, GMB work willloudspeaker icon give you the ROI you need so you can afford good branding later on. 

Since most people don’t know a roofer personally and you’re competing against established brands, it is important to get more customer awareness with Google Maps Optimization early on. Your placement on this medium is very important if you are looking to get customers and grow your business, because it’s a very low budget earned media opportunity. While there are not many spots to maximize visibility on the internet without PPC these days, Google Maps offers you a convenient alternative. The geo proximity ranking factor is a game changer for local roofers. The ROI from GMB management often gets into the 2-3x range for roofing companies because of the ability for a good SEO team to target specific suburbs for you. And for on-the-fly lead gen right after a hail storm, we’re able to leverage PPC just in the areas likely to have seen storm damage.

We specialize in helping your business get listed and found on Google Maps within a matter of days. Today, our company offers a 3 pack map listing management service which has proven to be one of the most effective ways for roofing contractors to get noticed online.

Getting Reviews as a Roofing Contractor


Tips on getting positive customer reviews.


As you may already know, roofing contractors often have a mediocre reputation since most states don’t require them to be licensed. It is well known that the roofing industry attracts people who are not always the most trustworthy. But savvy consumers and online review platforms are rapidly changing this reality. Younger homeowners are much more likely to read both good and bad reviews to make a decision on hiring a roofing contractor.

Fixing and replacing roofs is a difficult job and it is important that you establish a positive reputation in order to get business and earn steady revenue.

The most successful roofing companies that you hear about usually present themselves as vested owners with a personal story and dedication to getting the job done right. One of the reasons why these roofingoptimization contractors have attained success is because they focus on providing customers with an ideal experience instead of just completing a task. While knowledge and experience are essential to success, it is also important to establish trust with customers and get good reviews from them on a regular basis.

As a roofing contractor, you will want to achieve a 5 star rating on Google, but don’t stop there. Leverage Yelp and other platforms like HomeAdvisor.

Ask your customers for a review and give them the option to choose one of these places to log into. Getting reviews on many different websites helps your map rankings to improve over time, but Google reviews do count for the most!

This will improve your reputation and allow you to establish yourself as one of the most trusted roofing contractors in your area. At our company, we can assist you in getting these 5 star reviews and placing them on your Google Maps listing. With a consistent stream of 5 star reviews, you will be in position to generate more leads and achieve your goals faster.

Using Google My Business and Social Media



Another way in which we can help you build a solid reputation on Google Maps is by using social media and the Google My Business platform. We also create social media content that can be syndicated not just to your GMB but to all the popular social media platforms.

It is important to interact with your current and potential customers and as a result, we encourage you to provide responses to inquiries, reviews and posts on social media. We also encourage you to provide regular posts on social media that connect to your website blog as well. This will help you gain more brand recognition from customers, while allowing you to feed social traffic into your remarketing audience.

Reasons roofing contractors use Google My Business.

The Insane ROI on Google Maps Optimization

Your listing on Google Maps is one of the most valuable tools that you can use in order to grow your roofer contracting business. In order to optimize your listing on Google Maps, you will need to put in a considerable amount of effort. It’s an ongoing process to build up the ranking proximity of your GMB with both on and off page SEO tactics like adding your map embed in the website’s footer, or getting media sites to mention your location.

Since it is time consuming and difficult at times, we are available to assist you in the process so that you can focus on running your business and providing quality service to your customers. The first step in the process is placing your listing on the Google Maps dashboard. This will consist of a profile of your company that lists your basic business info like your name, address and telephone number. You will want to maximize the amount of information you put in the profile and fill out a keyword rich – and more importantly an informative description, so that you get the best possible rank in Google Maps searches.

Getting your roofing business on the maps.

The DIY Keys to Google Maps Optimization for Roofing Contractors Just Starting Out

There are some key basic things that you can do yourself in order to get to the top of the Google Maps listing for roofing contractors.

  1. Provide a correct name, address, phone number and name for your business
  2. Make sure that you have a business listing that is verified by Google
  3. Get frequent reviews from your customers
  4. Provide a response to your customers online for each review
  5. Add photos in your profile monthly
  6. Regularly post messages and information about events and new jobs


To learn more about how we can help you organize your business information and get to the top of the Google Maps listings, contact us today for an initial consultation.