The digital age didn’t replace word-of-mouth advertising. It, in fact, amplified it. Online reviews tell consumers whether or not your roofing business is worthy of their time and attention. Knowing how to get better business reviews for your roofing company eventually leads to better business.

Make Customized Google Review Cards



Customized Google review cards have truncated versions of your roofing company’s Google review link. Don’t hurt the authenticity or look of your site by randomly pasting review links here and there. Customized review cards help clients find your specific Google review page. Animated graphical objects and floating buttons both work well in grabbing attention.

Use Review Generation Services



Review generation services can bulk up your numbers if you don’t have enough clients leaving reviews as it is. Consumers don’t just look at the average star rating businesses have, as they also look at how many reviews there are. A roofing business average 4.6 over 100 reviews might be viewed more favorably than someone who is 4.9 after just 10 reviews.

Just Ask in Person for Reviews

When you have interactions with customers, just ask them for a good Google review at proper times. This usually happens after you are done working on their home or business, because asking for a review before you’re finished is a little gauche. If, however, you’re at the end of things and they mention just how satisfied they are with the work that was done, the customer service, the value, or anything else, then thank them for their kind words. Next, invite them to share their good vibes with others online.

Make Sure They Know It’s Easy to Do

Make sure all of your clients know that their opinions about your business will help future home and business owners find their next great roofing solution, too. Tell them they can:

  • Only leave a star rating if they don’t feel like typing out a description.
  • Leave just a sentence or two if they don’t like writing a lot.



Say Please

Whether you’re asking for reviews face to face, over the phone, or by text or email, always ask everyone to “please” leave a review. Never command anyone to “be sure and rate us”. You’re representing your brand and asking a favor, so be nice.

Follow-Up Emails

If your roofing business primarily uses email as a method of communication with clients, then you should sent out a follow-up message after you finish any sale or job successfully. You can even send out emails or mail flyers to your most loyal customers if they’re between projects or needs.

Highlight Your Best Reviews

You should highlight and share your best reviews through your:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social media pages
  • Advertising



Your previous and current customers want to feel like they made the right choice doing business with you. So, if they see good reviews from others, they’re likely to jump in and add their own so they feel better about the decision they made.

Embed Review Links in Your Emails

If you don’t want to send out emails dedicated to just asking for reviews, then you can always include a review link in your email signatures. As a matter of fact, you should do that whether you specifically ask for them or not. Every email should make it obvious and easy how people can leave you a review.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to actual reviews tells the world that you care about your reputation and service to customers. That encourages more people to leave reviews and engage your business online. If that’s not reason enough to respond, did you know that Google actually gives you a local SEO boost when you respond?

  • Respond to positive reviews with your own positivity. Always thank them for their business and praise. Customize each response, though. Cookie-cutter or formulaic cut/paste responses are impersonal.
  • Neutral reviews are often three out of five stars without details. Alternatively, their comments might be a mix of good and bad. Again, thank them for their business, and highlight the good they listed. Address their concerns, though.
  • Negative reviews might scare you, but a polite response to a one- or two-star review where you ask how to fix an issue can make a great impression. You might even turn some negative reviews into positive ones.

Your Website Is Part of the Process



Nearly everyone that leaves an online review for you, good or bad, will have visited your website at least once throughout their process. Be sure it makes a good impression and is easy for visitors to use. Sign up for our free website audit to find out pain points or places across your online domain that could use patching up. We can fix it up like new just like you restore full functionality to someone’s roof.