Flyers and other print literature for your roofing business can be a deceptively good marketing idea. When anyone is reading one of your print ads, they’re only thinking about your roofing business and no one else.

If they look online for a roofer, they get flooded with suggestions, including your competition. A print ad is your chance to get the only attention of a captive audience and then motivate them to contact you. Doing that is easier when you use these eight ways to make your 2022 roofing flyers and literature more effective.


8 roofing flyer marketing tips


1. Brand Consistency Matters

No matter how creative you get with flyers and print media, you have to stay consistent with your roofing company’s brand identity. At the most basic level, this means maintaining consistent use of your brand’s:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Message
  • Story


Consistent logos, fonts and colors are important for your flyer design.


If you have chosen certain branding elements for your website, they need to be also reflected in your literature. Consumers should be able to recognize your brand immediately whether they’re looking at:

  • One of your vans
  • Your website
  • Your ad in their mail
  • An email
  • An employee’s uniform

2. Know Your Audience


Do you know your target market?


How you deliver your flyers and who sees them will go a long way towards determining their effectiveness. At a minimum, consider these ideas:

  • If you’re going to slap flyers on windshields in a parking lot, then a Walmart surrounded by apartment complexes might not be a great place. A Target surrounded by subdivisions is a better choice.
  • If you’re buying a database of addresses to mail flyers to, don’t waste postage or printing on any address with an apartment number.

Whenever possible, get demographic data on the customers you’ve had in the past. Learn the newspapers they read, and find out where they shop. Know where to double-down for more business.

3. Explore New Audiences


Be sure to explore new audiences.


Catering to the demographics already strongly represented in your previous clients means playing to your obvious strengths. Of course, you also want to grow your business with new groups of customers. You still need to define who you want to target, though. That means identifying population characteristics such as:

  • Gender
  • Careers
  • Personal interests
  • Individual values

4. Generational Differences


A visual representation of the different generations that own homes in the US.


Every local market has its own unique characteristics, but you might find you can target your flyers and literature to just two different groups:

  1. Millennials
  2. Baby Boomers

Those generations are the two largest living groups among the population. Consider these factors:

  • Millennials and Baby Boomers have different cultural and personal values, generally speaking.
  • Baby Boomers have more overall wealth, but Millennials have more spending power.
  • By 2030, Millennials will dominate both wealth and spending power.
  • Generation X has more cultural similarity to Millennials than Boomers, so you can usually reach this smaller generation with your Millennial marketing materials.
  • Generation Z isn’t old enough for home ownership yet, but their numbers and spending power will be something to reckon with.

5. Emphasize Problem Solving


Fix issues in your sales funnel for more roofing leads.


Print advertising that gets homeowners to contact you for your roofing services isn’t just something they read. It needs to make them feel like you are hearing them while they read what you wrote. Talk to your current and previous customers about why they contacted you. Nearly all their answers can drop into just four buckets:

  1. They wanted to save money.
  2. They were looking to prevent future leaks and issues.
  3. They hope to protect their property.
  4. They would like to boost their home value.

6. Make It Easy to Read


Keep it simple and make your brochures easy to read.


Consumers won’t spend long on any print media, so make reading it quick and easy by using:

  1. Short paragraphs and sentences
  2. Bullet points
  3. Numbered lists like the one you’re reading right now
  4. Lots of open white space
  5. Bigger fonts

7. Get Professional Help


If you need help, hire a pro designer to build your flyers.


Use Webology or other third-party help for:

  • Graphic design
  • Market copywriting
  • Custom photos
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Getting your website ready for interested and inbound traffic

8. Use QR Codes Pointing to Specific Landing Pages


Leverage QR codes for easy wins in your print advertising campaigns.


Do you know what QR codes are? If you’ve ever seen those squares with geometric patterns in them that look like a Tetris game gone bad, then you’ve seen them. They’re everywhere now, from product packaging and store shelves to things you get in the mail. Plus, every restaurant menu you read after the pandemic comes in QR code format…

They’re something people can scan with their smartphone to load a website for more information. You can and should use these to point consumers and prospects to specific landing pages on your website. Doing so has several benefits:

  • You can see which print campaigns are working.
  • You’ll know which ones aren’t.
  • You can focus more attention on the campaigns with the highest ROI.
  • Knowing who the under-performing campaigns are gives you a chance to tweak them and make them better.

Let Us Help

Flyers and print media are still effective means of advertising in the digital age. Handbills and pamphlets have gone through many incarnations over the centuries, and modern versions are as interesting as any.

How effective they are is up to you. You need to stick with these eight ways to make your roofing flyers and literature effective in 2022 and beyond.

Not sure how to connect analog literature to the digital age? Sign up right here for our free website audit. We can show you how equipped your domain is to convert consumers who visit because of your flyers. We’ll also have plenty of ideas on how to improve this side of your marketing so your paper ads convert into online customers.


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