In many industries, repeat customers are the secret to success. Given how a home’s roof can last decades, it’s hard to generate repeat business off of the roof replacements your business does.

Where you can get a lot of repeat business is in roofing inspections, maintenance, repairs and referrals. Homeowners that care about their homes have their roofs inspected twice a year, and these regulars can eventually turn into high-dollar clients when they need a new roof.

Before you can land any customer though, consistent messaging is crucial. It’s how you prove yourself a legitimate option and stand out from the rest of the pack.


The importance of consistent branding online.


Get Noticed and Earn Trust

Homeowners looking for roofers get buried quickly under a slew of options. You need to accomplish two things if you want any business:

  1. Prove that you’re legitimate
  2. Stand out from the crowd

Prove Your Legitimacy

When homeowners are looking for a roofer, they have to deal with an immediate tension. They want to find someone who can come out and fix their roof as quickly as possible, but they also want to make sure they’re picking someone legitimate.

Unfortunately, the roofing industry doesn’t have a great reputation. Any market has scammers that show up to find project leads, collect deposits, and then skip town. Markets that suffer storm damage also have storm chasers that flood an area after a disaster or severe weather, and then leave shoddy work behind if they do anything at all.

Consistent branding over time leaves a trail of breadcrumbs consumers can follow and verify. You can establish your business as someone who is part of the homeowner’s community and isn’t going anywhere.

Be Seen and Heard

Even if you establish trust among the consumers that see you, just being seen is hard enough when there might be dozens, hundreds, or thousands of roofing options in your local market. This is where consistency in your messaging and branding pays off so well.

Consistent Fonts

The fonts you use for your branding need to be consistent throughout your website in all areas. Try to stick with one font if you can, but choose no more than two. Make sure that you use them consistently not only across your website, but also your:

  • Business cards
  • Vehicles
  • Letterhead
  • Uniforms
  • Signage
  • Social media pages


A graphic reminding you to be consistent in all mediums of communication.


Consistent Colors

Your roofing business should also stick with consistent colors as much as possible. Always try to stay with the colors of your business logo. If you don’t have a logo for your roofing business, then work with a graphical artist to create one.

Great company logos follow the same principles as many national flags:

  • Use unique colors
  • Only three colors or less
  • Aim for one primary color with two accent colors
  • No text, numbers, or letters

When you’re driving down the highway and see the sign listing restaurants at the next exit, you don’t read the actual names. You just see the logos and know immediately the national chains that are there. That’s good branding!


Businesses with logos get 80% more business on average.


Consistent Messaging

Know what your roofing business has to offer homeowners, and then hammer that message home constantly every time you can. Whether it’s value, money-back guarantees, a particular product line you’re authorized to sell and use, or just how long you’ve been in the area, pick your point and make it your message in everything from the advertising you paint on your vans to what’s above the fold on your home page.

Why Consistency Matters in Branding

Consumers that see a roofing company care about its branding and keyword positioning will usually assume that such a business also cares about the roofing work it does. Consider these facts about branding:

  • Businesses with logos get 80 percent more business in all industries.
  • Nine in 10 consumers stay loyal to brands that share their personal values.
  • Shared values are very important to Millennial homeowners. As the largest living generation and the youngest generation to be buying homes, catering to them is crucial to your current and future success.
  • Consistent branding boosts revenues by 23 percent. That makes it a very cost-effective investment.


Consistent branding may boost revenue by up to 23 percent.


Reinforce Your Narrative

Once you create a consistent message for your brand, do all you can to reinforce it among consumers. To really make this happen, though, you need to let others do the speaking:

  • Display trust badges you qualify for so consumers know they can do business through your website safely.
  • Qualify for certifications from suppliers in your industry whose own brands engender trust among consumers.
  • List quotes from satisfied customers telling stories of what an amazing experience working with you is.
  • Post before and after photos, with permission, of homes you fixed or worked on.
  • Link to your Google and Yelp review pages so consumers can see independent ratings on their own.
  • Put up video testimonials so consumers can physically see and hear your satisfied clients.
  • Get accredited with the Better Business Bureau as a company that cares about customer satisfaction.


A chart showing different ways to reinforce consistent messaging with your customers.


Community Involvement

Don’t just use your social media accounts to run ads or coupons. Highlight the history and culture of your community. Remind people how long you’ve been there so they know you’ll still be around after the storms leave.

Get a Second Opinion

A lot of your business might be replacing roofs that aren’t working anymore. That doesn’t mean your website needs replacing if it’s not working.

After all, you also repair many roofs so they work better. That’s what we can do for you.

While you’re out inspecting roofs for issues, let us do a free audit of your website so we can find its issues. Sign up for this so you can find out how consistent your roofing company website is with its conversion rates, branding and messaging.