How to Leverage Geotargeting and Hail Storm Data

[Never Door-Knock Again]

When a serious storm front moves through your roofing business area or just through an area you can physically work for a while, you have the chance to offer your services to homes and businesses that likely suffered roof damage from wind, rain, and hail.

In the past, most roofing companies relied on ‘boots on the ground’ to knock on doors and hand out flyers offering free roof inspections. Today, you can reach the right audience faster with a pre-staged ad campaign. Leveraging geotargeting and hail storm data lets you use Google Ads to rapidly target an area right after the storm passes. Here’s how:

Do You Already Track Hail Damage?

While there are always going to be some scammers swooping into an area to collect money without actually doing good work or any at all, there are also going to be a lot of roofing professionals such as yourself. People and companies need their roofing repaired fast after a serious storm, and industry veterans like you are there to meet the demand.

Given all that, you might already be in the habit of tracking areas that get hit with hail damage. Many roofers have been doing it for decades, and online reports make it simple to narrow down communities where you should target your marketing. That might involve going door to door, but in the digital age, many home and business owners might be looking online for roofers.



Geotargeting Is Here

Geotargeting simply means running your ads in specific locations where only the people in those places affected by the storm will see them. You might be wondering how the Internet can do that, since it’s everywhere. However, it’s now very easy to know where online users are located:

  • Smartphones and tablets often have location technology to know where they are so they can offer the local weather and news.
  • Services, including Uber, DoorDash, Lyft, and Instacart, rely on knowing where someone is based on their device location.
  • After a storm, power and communications might be out. People will be using data from their wireless plan, and that immediately pinpoints their locations on their networks.

People will be looking up roofers online however they can access it. They probably won’t even have phone books anymore, and they would rather choose someone online.

Being able to do their own research might even give them some sense of control after going through a bad storm. With Google, YouTube and most of the social media networks, we’re able to specify zip codes and only serve ads in those affected areas.

PPC Ads Have Benefits



Pay-per-click ads above search results on Google pages offer you many benefits:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Narrowing down your target audience to a specific ZIP code means you don’t waste money on locations that weren’t hit.
  • Measurability: PPC data gives you insights useful for making future campaigns more effective.
  • ROI: Demand spikes mean that PPC advertising, which is already cost-effective to start with, is all the more enticing.

We Have Ads Ready for You

Geotargeting ads in hail-damaged areas means you can tap into a market with high demand, but you have to act fast to get in while demand is high.



We can offer you:

  1. Ad Copy: Ads that make specific reference to recent storms and their hail damage. Local consumers will immediately identify with anything on their mind, whether they’re looking for a roofer or something else.
  2. CTAs: Calls to action are necessary for residents impacted by a storm to have a definitive contact source.
  3. Geotargeting: We only run these ads in ZIP codes impacted by storm damage.
  4. Landing Page Optimization: By linking PPC ads to optimized landing pages, your website can keep and convert traffic your ads generate.

You can still go knocking on doors if you want for more exposure. You might even get a better reception if they already saw your ads online before you knocked!

You Seal Roofs, We Seal the Deal

Homeowners need someone to make sure there aren’t any holes in their roof. You need someone to make sure your website isn’t leaking any of the leads you generate.

Sign up for our free website audit. We can find and plug any holes in your website that might be wasting the time-sensitive leads you generate after storms using hail storm data and geotargeting through Google Ads. Our free audit is also a chance to find out how well we can serve you before storms hit.