In the roofing business, getting projects and clients is going to invariably involve business directory websites, such as HomeAdvisor and Yelp. You need to provide your own business descriptions to these sites for many reasons. First and foremost, you need a presence there to help consumers know you even exist. Secondly, you need to use these opportunities to convince them to turn to your business for their roofing needs.

Start With Your Own About Page

The very first description you should write about your roofing business is for your own website. The content you put on your About Us page will serve as the inspiration or template for every other business description you write for anywhere else.

What to Include

An effective roofing business description will do several things all at once:



  • Offer a general overview of the business
  • Emphasize unique facts about the company
  • Reveal the names of owners or high-level employees that are the public face of the business
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Provide a value to consumers

Don’t Push for Sales

A call-to-action at the end of your About page or business description is fine. In fact, it’s even expected. Just don’t push coupons, sales, deals, or anything like that. Your business description should just sell the story of your business rather than push for business. Ironically, that will lead to more sales. Consumers get hit with advertisements all the time. That’s why they respond so well to authenticity.

Consider Using the PAS Writing Style

If you do want to make a sales pitch in your descriptions, then consider using the PAS writing style:



  • Problem: State or identify a problem consumers might have. In this scenario, it’s going to be roofing related, so it could range from seasonal roofing inspections and maintenance up to repairs and replacements.
  • Agitate: Utilize emotive writing to make the reader feel their pain point enough that they might want to do something about it.
  • Solve: Provide solutions to their problem and reasons why they should choose you.

Connect With Your Community

Many consumers will check the About page of a business before they check out anything else. For roofing companies, they’re looking for two things:

  1. Making sure you’re actually a member of their community.
  2. Seeing if you have anything in common with them.

They’re more likely to do business with someone they know is rooted in their area and won’t ghost them after they start paying money or deposits. They’re also far more likely to do business with any professionals they feel shared values with.

Tell Your Business Story

It doesn’t have to be super dramatic or overly entertaining. Just talk about how things were rough and small at the start of your journey, and then state where you are now. If your company has a significant history to it, such as 10 years or more, then emphasize this. It earns respect and trust. Just being hardworking as professionals can be inspiring to consumers who want and need to trust their roof to someone.



Use Unique Descriptions

Your descriptions need to be unique, and they need to be unique in two different ways:

  1. Unique From Other Businesses: It’s impossible to be completely different from the descriptions of other roofing businesses, but if you follow the same cookie-cutter writing they do, then you’ll never stand out from your competition.
  2. Unique for Each Site: This might not always be possible. In fact, even when it is possible, it might not be easy. However, there are serious benefits. Some sites, such as City-Data, delete anything that isn’t unique content because they want to rank higher for Google themselves. Unique content in many places among business citations also helps out with numerous local SEO algorithm factors.

Don’t Forget Your Website

While you’re putting up compelling descriptions of your roofing business across directory websites, don’t forget that the whole point is getting people from those sites to visit your own domain. If you want to make sure it’s ready to capture traffic and convert it to actual business you can make money off of, then it’s a good idea to have an objective analysis of your site by experts who know about such things.

Sign up for our free website audit. We’ll look over your website and even inside of it, making sure everything is optimal and working well. You’ll get a report about anything that could use tweaking, and we’ll present you with a list of options about how to improve your website effectiveness.


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