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Today, I’d like to feature our work for one of my first clients. Back when we were operating under the name Blake Development in 2013, I reached out to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Jack has an amazing podcast with over 160,000 daily downloads! He wasn’t quite ready to turn us loose on TSP back then, but he was kind enough to let us work on another project: Nine Mile Farm. Jack’s business is home-based, which is the perfect opportunity to go into farming as a side income. So, he wanted us to build a new site to attract local restaurant clients for his farming venture. At Webology, we’re proud to offer responsive web design services for blogs and podcasts. In fact, if you are considering such a venture, here’s some free advice. You should make sure your new site is responsive. Sometime in 2017 Google will flip a switch and start ranking for mobile instead of desktop. In English, that means that mobile optimized sites will rank higher against blogs and podcast sites that are not mobile friendly.

Beyond Organic Duck Eggs!

That’s what Nine Mile Farm is all about. Jack’s farm is located outside the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and he offers a premium product from happy birds. Jack does not use GMO feed or any harmful chemicals on the farm. His farm is also a participant in Agritrue, which is another Webology project catering to the Regenerative Agriculture movement.
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So, if you’re in the market for beyond organic duck eggs in Dallas, TX then look Jack up! Since we completed the Nine Mile Farm project, Jack has asked us to work on a few other projects like a TSP mobile app for Apple devices which is currently in development.

Our Sites Are Easy To Rank!

I’d love to take credit for ranking Jack’s site and attracting customers, but the fact is he did most of that work himself. Jack has a great deal of experience in SEO. So, he was able to succeed by ranking in Google for duck eggs in his local market. It’s a very niche search term, and niche is easy to rank with some basic on-page SEO. However, it would have taken a bit more effort had his site not been responsive from the start.
When speaking on SEO, I like to compare a quality website to the foundation of a house. If you don’t start with it, you’re risking failure. You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, and you shouldn’t attempt SEO without a quality website. One reason is user experience. If your site looks bad, you just aren’t going to convert all those visitors from Google into paying clients. People are turned off by a bad website, and they will take their business elsewhere. Your website is your first impression. Make it a great one! Another reason that I already mentioned once is responsiveness. Mobile Optimized sites rank higher in Google. I can’t stress this enough. 2017 is going to be BRUTAL for websites that are not mobile-friendly Start strong with a quality website, and your online marketing efforts have a better shot at success.

Start Your Online Business Right

If you’re looking to start a business on the web, you should make sure to start with a solid foundation. There are plenty of opportunities from affiliate marketing to selling premium content. Webology offers responsive web design services for blogs and podcasts at an affordable rate. We’re here to help you reach your goal of starting a successful online business. Reach out today for a custom quote:
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