Office Facility Consultants

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Gathings at a networking event here in Birmingham. I learned that Steve has been an office space design consultant for the better part of his adult life. At the time, he was working to start his own business selling high-end office furniture and designing workspaces for businesses. That business is Office Facility Consultants (OFC Workscapes). They are having their official ribbon cutting later this month, and we have their website ready to go for the official launch. We’re proud to add OFC to our growing list of local clients here in the Birmingham area.
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Floating Icons

If you visit the site and take a look at Birmingham’s best office facility consulting company, you’ll notice a few things that stand out. Probably one of my favorite features is the floating icons on the right-hand side. From a marketing perspective, you just can’t beat the floating icon. No matter where someone is on your site, contact e-mail, phone, and social icons are always in reach. This is an important aspect of your online marketing. As an SEO, I can send traffic to Steve’s site all day. But the site has to be setup for conversions, or those efforts will not reach their full potential. I like adding floating icons to a site because I think it benefits conversions.

Navigation Bars

Another thing to notice is that we added the navigation bar at the bottom of each page. Google wants people to stay on your site and visit multiple pages. It’s part of how they rank websites. So, having those links at the bottom gives readers a visible option to dig deeper into your site. Little details like this add up for big gains when you combine a great site with SEO marketing.
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Accordion Text

If you look at all the great office space consulting services offered by OFC, you’ll see that we used accordion text to clean this page up. Up until early last year, I would have hesitated to “hide” content like this. Google used to classify this almost as bad as using white text on a white background to hide keyword-stuffing keywords. The focus on mobile search changed all that! Accordion text is now Google-friendly because it makes mobile viewing much easier. We think it gives the page a clean look while allowing visitors to only read information that interests them. It’s a great way to condense a lot of information into convenient sections on your site.

Web Design for Increased Sales

At Webology, there’s a purpose behind every design decision. We like to think ahead when we plan a layout. We know our clients want their website to be a sales asset, so we keep that in mind during design. Floating icons, navigation footers, accordion text these are all just a few of the little details that set us apart. Reach out to to get your development project started today.