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SEO for the Employee and Tenant Screening Solutions Industry

Birmingham-based Background Checks Solutions

NAPS BGC is a local background checks solutions provider here in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to background checks, they also offer DOT compliance screening, FACIS and OIG records searches, and pre-employment drug testing services. NAPS launched a new website and a streamlined, online solution for background checks in early 2017. They approached us about marketing this new site late last year, and we’ve been working on a SEO strategy that combines local and national search terms.
dot compliance and employment screening solutions provider NAPS

Keywords for Local Ranking

We used several long-tail keywords related to local search in our campaign. The goal is to rank both for these phrases and shorter phrases contained within them. We also want to exploit the fact that voice searches usually include more words. Here’s a few keywords we chose in our campaign: applicant background screening services alabama DOT compliance screening solutions alabama FACIS & OIG search services alabama At the time of this writing we’re ranked 7th, 1st, and 1st for those terms. Clearly “applicant background screening services” is highly competitive in the local market. It’s lagging behind the other two terms listed above. So, we definitely have some work to do increasing the site authority in the coming months.

Visibility in Local Search

Here’s a chart showing our steady increase in ranking for the keywords we are tracking.


Keyword Ranking Increase

You’ll notice that the site wasn’t even ranking for several of the terms before we began our SEO work. We were able to land three keywords that had not ranked before in the top position within the first two months. A few of the other local terms are more competitive like “gsa & sams search services alabama”, and towards the bottom of the list there are national terms like “dot compliance screening solutions”. Since we are not just focusing on the Alabama market, that last one will take much more time to rank. We’re working over time with white-hat (risk-free SEO) techniques to increase the site authority. So, the chart above will continue to trend upwards in the coming month, and I will be back with another update on this project soon. In the meantime, I’d like to share a personal endorsement :


I’ve had the privilege of working with NAPS for three months now, and I would highly recommend them as an employee screening solutions provider. This is a highly-regulated industry. While it’s your responsibility to know the laws surrounding a background check, NAPS provides excellent consulting to give you the resources you need to perform screening in a legal manner. They are beyond knowledgeable when it comes to these laws with decades of experience. Check out NAPS if you need help with applicant screening.

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