If you’re stuck wondering how topic targeting can be helpful and relevant for your business, we’re here to help. It may not necessarily be helpful to use topic targeting by itself, but when used in conjunction with the other aspects of AdWords, it can be really helpful and even bring plenty of true conversions.

Topic VS Keyword Targeting

When people use topic targeting, Google is allowing them to place an ad on a site with a similar or related topic, and avoiding sites or pages that aren’t specifically related to your topic. Keyword lists determine where your ad is going to be shown. If your keywords are not relevant, people won’t click on your site and that means no traffic and ultimately no conversions. The goal is to use topic targeting and keywords together. Your ad can be well designed and absolutely word-perfect, but if it’s being shown to the wrong crowd, you won’t get any clicks. Someone searching for a blue dress for an evening out won’t click on an ad for a blue doll dress.

The Many Benefits of Targeting Topics

Targeting topics means generating relevant traffic and reaching a brand new audience much faster. When you target a more popular and high-level topic, Google Adwords will let you target subtopics along with it. You also have a campaign budget that is far more flexible, or even completely unrestricted. Unlike keyword targeting, topic targeting will allow you to make a much more granular approach to targeting than the everyday keyword targeting. Your success is going to depend entirely on your network settings. Most especially if you have selected multiple targeting methods on your Display Network.

It’s All or Nothing

When it comes to topic and keyword targeting, sometimes combining old and new strategies pays off. Most bloggers and even content-focused digital marketers forget that keyword research is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to Adwords. Why? Because the internet is the best way to reach people in our modern age.  In fact, 50% of the population can be reached through the internet. That’s 3.77 billion people. Incredible, right? That means if you know how to communicate with them, put your product in front of them and properly market to them, you have half of the world’s population at your fingertips. Otherwise, you’re losing a big opportunity to boost your traffic and grow your business. Keywords make a determination about what your business is going to be known for on the internet. Think of keywords as the foundation for which the rest of your marketing can be built. If the keywords are weak, the rest of the structure will follow suit. Keyword research can seem boring and unnecessary, but in reality, it’s one of the best things you can do for your website. In addition, topic targeting by itself can drive traffic to your site in the best way, but some people don’t have the budget or the drive to actually make it happen. If you really care about growing your business, topic targeting and keyword targeting is a wonderful place to begin.