There is a power in long-tail keywords that few people realize. When you properly understand the power of long-tail keywords, you can rank much easier and thus achieve more clicks that could very well turn into conversions if you’re ranking for phrases related to your product or services.  

What is a Long-Tail Keyword Phrase?

A long-tail keyword phrase is made up of four or more words that are extremely relevant to your product. Typically, when someone is searching for something specific in your niche, they’ll search with long-tail keywords instead of one or two main keywords. It’s also much easier to rank in a search engine through long-tail rather than using one to three targeted keywords.

Connecting With Customers Through Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

While you do draw less traffic when you use long-tail keywords, you are going to end up with overall better customers in the long run because they’ll be searching for things specific in your niche. The best part about long-tail keywords is the power it gives you to connect with the customer and understand the way they enter search terms.

The Map to a Customer Purchase

When someone is going to purchase something, they typically follow certain steps to get there.

First, a customer will become aware of a product’s existence. They will seek any and all information they can find on said product and find other customer reviews.


The customer will then search for alternatives to the product. They will compare the product or service and also the price. They will then make a decision and purchase whatever they find that best fits their need or desire.


So your goal is to snag customers at the optimal time, which would mean about the time they’re ready to make a purchase. But in order to be able to do this, you’ve got to be ranking for the right words and phrases.


You want to be ranking for the long-tail keywords that will not only bring the most traffic to your site, but will bring the most relevant traffic. Traffic that will bring lots and lots of conversions.

The Rank Game

Because Long-Tail keyword phrases are so easy to rank for, you can actually beat your competitors in the search engine results pages. The reason for this is because big companies typically use more general, competitive keywords.


Let’s say you sell pre-planned and arranged vacations to Washington or Virginia. Trying to rank for “vacation” would be very difficult and cost quite a pretty penny. However, if you instead tried using “Pre-planned Trips to Virginia” you would have far better results.


Even if you were ranking for a single keyword, a good bit of the traffic you would be receiving wouldn’t end in conversions because people could be searching for anything travel related if they search for “vacation” and not necessarily your service or product. Using the right rank tracking software (e.g. Linkio) will drastically improve your chances to optimize and rank higher for your long-tail keywords and by that bring more visitors/leads coming to your pages.

Google Loves Pages

It’s likely you’ll have more landing pages on your site if you’re taking advantage of the benefit of long-tail keywords. The fantastic news we have for you is that Google loves pages. It makes the site seem more useful and informative, so long as the content is written well, not redundant, and the site can be easily navigated.


Targeting long-tail keywords can seem tricky at first. Especially while you’re doing keyword research and trying to decide what keywords are going to work best for your business. In the end though, you’ll end up with incredible results if you stick with it.


Think about it. Would you rather have 800 page views a month with only one or two conversions a week, or get 400 page views a month, with about half of them bringing conversions?


The answer is pretty clear. While targeting long-tail keywords may bring your site traffic down a little bit, the clicks you are getting are significantly more likely to become conversions.