Introducing Webology

We’re a team of marketers, developers and data scientists completely obsessed with the study of the Internet. Webology was founded in 2016 by Blake Akers after he realized just how important the digital landscape would be for small and midsize brands looking to reach today’s tech-savvy audiences.

Now we’re a global team with a global reach as we have offices in Birmingham and overseas as well. Webology is also one of a handful of agencies certified in the Science of SEO, fulfilling our goal of being known for the scientific study of internet marketing. That type of work is Blake’s specialty, but it goes beyond SEO with David Ward heading up data analysis in our paid ads department and Jake Lambert taking lead on interactive.

Our overseas team fills out the talent roster with Vaishali managing our technical SEO work and Shilpa doing outreach to support the content team.

What We Do

We’re absolutely major-league when it comes to SEO, but Blake quickly realized that SEO in a vacuum isn’t the right strategy for any brand. So we added talent to our team to help with:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Outreach
  • Software/App Development
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Website Development

Today, Webology is proud to offer full-service digital marketing to small and midsize brands everywhere. Our processes allow us to rapidly produce results in any industry, but there are a few niches that we already know really well like:

  • Legal
  • Automotive
  • Home Services
  • Affiliate and eCommerce SEO

We’ve worked in these areas before and we have very refined roadmaps to success. So much so, that we refuse to compete against ourselves!

If you’re a PPC client of ours we will not provide PPC to your local competition. The same goes for SEO services because we only work with 1 brand per industry in any given market. This exclusivity we extend to our clients ensures we’re 100% dedicated to the success of your account.

Are we really baseball fanatics?

There are other content marketing agencies around, so why should you use us? We’re happy to tell you why, so here it goes!

Some of us are, but to be honest…not really. The reason you’ll see us donning baseball jerseys for some of our photo shoots is the similarity between baseball and digital marketing. Both are driven by statistics and numbers, so we find that it’s a good fit to describe the type of work we do.

We’re All-Stars at internet marketing and we want to put our data-driven approach to work for your brand. That’s where we are today, but we didn’t get here overnight.

How We Got Started – Blake’s Story

I’ve always had a sort of entrepreneurial drive and a fascination with internet marketing. But that doesn’t pay the bills with a baby on the way when you’re 22 and the .com bubble just crashed! So, Lindsey and I decided I should join the U.S. Air Force, and that gave us the opportunity to spend 3+ years drinking great German beer and driving the Autobahn! -Just not at the same time, of course!

I stayed there and planned my future goals while we watched Noah grow up (too fast). In 2016, I was back in the civilian workforce and I accepted a job in the Mobile, Alabama area that changed our lives forever

A Rocky Start?

If I had been working with clients in home services like I do now, I would have known to check a few warning signs before putting an offer in on a new home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t and we found out 24 hours before closing that this ‘dream-home’ that was 15 minutes from the Fairhope beach has a bit of a flooding issue to say the least!

We packed up our belongings the next day, closed a web design deal from the cab of the moving truck and never looked back on our old lives.

I spent the next few months hustling

Networking events all day, project management at night, and truly learning the science of SEO on the weekends. I had a technical background from the Air Force already, but I taught myself SEO and that’s the only way to truly master this field in my opinion because it’s all about trial and error…SEO is a science.

-Blake Akers, CEO of Webology
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