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No one wants to pay too much for what is essentially just a fancy business card made of 1’s and 0’s.
Our ‘Basic’ sites look just as good as the $5,000+ design someone
else pitched you, just without the upfront costs.

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Have a look for yourself:

While we still do offer full PSD to HTML design, most businesses simply don’t need that. Instead, we offer free website design services that represent your brand well.

Simply pay for a year of hosting and we’ll build out a customized site to fit your brand. Your Webology website will be:

-Fully Responsive (Mobile-friendly)

-Fast Loading

-Ready to Generate Sales*

A brochure site really is like a business card in a lot of ways. If your cards sit in a box on your desk, no one will find out about you. If you don’t drive traffic to your website, it’s also just collecting dust…

Web Design by Webology

A Website Development Agency in
Birmingham, AL

At Webology, we do things different. We’re not the agency that builds a site and leaves you alone to figure out the rest.

We want to partner with your brand long-term

to help you get the most out of your digital  presence.
For most site owners, traffic that turns into a paying customer is the goal. We offer unique strategies to help you generate those qualified leads for your brand through digital marketing.
Our website design services are free because we’re hoping to help you use the site to grow your business over time. Offering a free site design raises a big question though:
How much does it usually cost to hire a professional web designer?

The price ranges widely, and is also dependent on the Content Management System (CMS) you choose.

We build WordPress sites.

They allow for excellent control over backend code that
makes SEO and Google ranking much easier.

Your choices range from doing it yourself or paying a college student in beer money to hiring a design agency at the 4, 5 or 6 figure price point. Or you can work with us…

We offer agency quality WordPress design at the most competitive prices possible.

What are the services included in our free website design?

Free goes a long way at Webology.

Our clients normally pay an $80 refundable deposit to start their project. Website hosting and maintenance costs are also just $80 per month. That price includes 30 minutes of site changes each month as well.

It’s completely headache-free management of your digital presence that includes:

-Up to 7 unique pages
-200+ words of written content per page
-Responsiveness testing and QA
-Domain registration
-Ongoing hosting on premium server
-Ongoing WordPress maintenance
-Up to three free business emails using your domain
-Access to make changes yourself and training
-Up to 30 minutes of site changes per month

If that all sounds good, download a contract now and we will get started on your project this week.

Still have a few questions? We’ll do our best to answer them for you:
How do I get the best design for my website?Just expect a fully custom site to take 3 months or more to deliver.
Our best advice would be to let the designer do what they do best. You need to be very involved in the process early on so that the web designer

understands your goals for the project.

After that, it’s best to let them have as much control over the project as possible.

The best web designers will go beyond good UX/UI design to understand your business model and target audience. They will want to know the pain points in the industry you’re marketing to so they can help you address those concerns by designing around compelling content.
Good design begins with a fundamental understanding of the audience and message.
During a typical project kickoff meeting, we will go through a few exercises with you to better understand your goals and needs:
-ROI Modeling
-Brand and Identity Overview
-Buyer Persona Exercise
-Color Scheme Selection
What exactly is ‘responsive design’?

Responsive design is simply a way of making a website mobile friendly.

It makes use of a ‘viewport’ to adapt the site design to multiple device types and screen resolutions.

Responsive websites appear differently on mobile phones than they do on tablets or desktop computers.

This gives you the advantage

of being able to serve up an excellent user experience no matter how someone visits your website.

It also makes your site easier to market online since mobile performance is now a direct ranking factor in Google search. Having a site that looks well and loads fast over cellular data will give you an edge over your competition. eCommerce websites benefit the most, but this also definitely applies to local businesses because:

75% of consumers surveyed admit that they will judge brand credibility by evaluating website design.

Having a modern design that’s properly setup for conversions and loads fast on mobile will help your brand connect with more customers whether they are local or international.
What Website Design Converts the most Customers?
Most designers can build you a site that looks great. Getting a site to consistently convert more traffic into business though is a process. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of studying how users interact with a page and optimizing the experience to increase sales.

CRO usually goes hand-in-hand with a properly managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. PPC, SEO, and other traffic generation methods will only get you so far though. Beyond generating traffic, you have to make sure that site visitors are easily able to navigate to the action you want them to take.

That’s where conversion rate optimization comes into play.

It can often be as simple as changing the color of a ‘Call Now’ button to make it stand out more against the other colors.

However, the proper way to do CRO is to split test different landing page experiences against each other over time. The page with the best metrics wins and moves on to the next round of testing.

Good design goes beyond aesthetics and leverages buyer psychology, observation and testing to deliver increasing sales over time.
How long on average does it take to design a website?

This is a very good question and one of the main reasons

we no longer recommend going through the whole process to convert PSD to HTML. Traditionally, an agency would create a ‘mockup’ of your site pages using Photoshop. That PSD document gets sent to you for approval.

After a few rounds of back and forth, you settle on a design. Next it has to go to a developer to code the design using HTML and CSS. After that, responsiveness testing is required to ensure each page loads properly on the most common screen resolutions.

This process simply DOES NOT WORK for most businesses.

By the time you go through all that, you’re 3-4 months into the project with nothing to show for it other than 100+ emails sent back and forth with your developer.
You’re mad at the developer and they’re wondering if you’re going to walk away from the project, leaving them wondering what to do with a nearly completed website.
If you have the patience, we’ll go through the whole process with you. In fact, for bigger brands, it definitely makes sense to make the extra effort. Just expect a fully custom site to take 3 months or more to deliver.
How long SHOULD it take to design a website?

Or more to the point…how long does it take


30-days or less on average.

We cut out all the wasted time by having pre-built CSS modules that look great and works right the first time. We developed these using the Divi premium WordPress theme.

These modules allow us to design directly in WordPress and skip all the wasted time going back and forth. You get a site that looks amazing without all the wasted time and headache…and you get it in 30-days or less.

How do I tell if my website loads fast?

There are a few places to look.

You can run a test at GTmetrix or use Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool.

We make our sites fast by following good development practices and optimizing our web servers for speed and reliability. Leveraging browser caching, minification, and HTTP/2 allows us to deliver fast-loading pages. Fast loading pages help you convert more visitors into customers. Our sites are fast ‘out-of-the-box’ compared to the industry average. However, if you want to really enhance your site, you should consider upgrading your mobile experience to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard. This will allow mobile visitors to view a streamlined version of your HTML/CSS on mobile devices. The average AMP page loads in under 1 second on a 4G connection.
What if I need custom functionality? eCommerce?
If you require more than just a brochure website, we offer full service development. We can handle just about any integration you could imagine.

Need an eCommerce site developed in WooCommerce?

Not only will we help you with the site, but we can also guide you through the process of setting up a merchant account and integrating it through API.
We only partner with direct processors who charge you below average transaction fees on your online sales.
Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We’ll ask you a few questions to scope out the project, and get back as soon as possible with a custom quote.

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without sacrificing on design quality

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands just like yours.
We’re experts at the web design process. More importantly we’re recognised as one of the top SEO agencies by DesignRush. Trust us to build a site that not only looks great, but has the potential to generate qualified leads for your business.
That’s one of the biggest advantages to working with us. We’re not just web developers. We’re online marketers committed to helping you leverage that digital ‘business card’ for increased sales.


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