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Webology is a digital marketing agency located in Birmingham, Alabama. We offer full web presence management for brands looking to increase inbound leads. Our blog is a very open and transparent place where we write about the strategies we’re using day in and day out. You’ll find tutorials, case studies, and other useful information in the articles below.

What WAS Google Labs?

What WAS Google Labs?

Part of our History of the Internet series   Google Labs, launched in May 2006 and it was a fun “experimental lab” where engineers from Google could experiment with their wildly crazy ideas. During the time of its existence, Google Labs created some pretty big...

What WAS Google Labs?

History of Google CodeSearch

Google CodeSearch was a free product that came out in October 2006. It allowed web searchers to find open source code on the Internet fairly easily. The code available for search was in various formats, from tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar, and .zip; to CVS, Subversion, git, C...

A Starter’s Guide to Google Analytics

The Importance of Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

There is a power in long-tail keywords that few people realize. When you properly understand the power of long-tail keywords, you can rank much easier and thus achieve more clicks that could very well turn into conversions if you’re ranking for phrases related to your...

Why Content Marketing is Essential for Small Business Owners

All About Yahoo Site Explorer

The History of Yahoo Site Explorer and a List of Replacements now that it's gone   Yahoo Site Explorer no longer exists. It's was merged into Bing Webmaster Tools on November 21, 2011. In an effort to document the evolution of search technology, we're writing a...

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