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Content is an essential element of your marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dependant upon quality content. It’s all about boosting the traffic from your online marketing, through email marketing, social media, SEO and other online channels.

Our expert content writers are carefully selected from the best in the business, with many years of experience in producing quality, SEO-oriented content that will engage and inform your readers. This in turn will enhance brand loyalty, and increase sales.

At Webology, we provide a full range of content marketing services including content production, editing, publishing and developing your content strategy.

Why Create Content?


There is evidence to show that, the more content you give an audience, the more they are likely to purchase your goods or use your services. The old cliché that ‘content is king’ is true; you need to keep your readers fed with quality, engaging, relevant and informative content that they will actually read. Gone are the days of peppering your text with a myriad of keywords at a specific ratio: today’s readers want much more than that.

Using the top quality, and always relevant, content that our agency provides, you can gain the trust of your readers. Trust raises brand loyalty. By showing them you are expert in your chosen field, you are proving that you are the brand to trust. Here are a few interesting statistics regarding content marketing and its effectiveness:

  • Content marketing is very cost effective, and can save more than 60% on the cost of outbound marketing
  • Content marketing has been shown to generate up to three times as many leads as traditional marketing techniques
  • Regularly updated, quality content on your website will increase your traffic, by as much as eight times over a website that does not update regularly
  • Email marketing and social media marketing are both areas that also benefit from quality content marketing techniques.

Put simply, content marketing is cheaper and more cost-effective that conventional advertising techniques. It is proven to increase conversions and generate more leads, and will help raise trust in your brand.

Use Webology content marketing solutions, and you will start to see the benefits in a surprisingly short time.


Why Use Us

for Content?

There are other content marketing agencies around, so why should you use us? We’re happy to tell you why, so here it goes!

We Offer More!


We don’t just provide the best quality and most engaging content for your content marketing strategy, we offer much more too! We can provide you with services that will help you increase traffic, and we can also offer a full social media management solution, so your content gets to a wider audience across various platforms. Webology will help you through every step of the content marketing process, giving you the attention you deserve, with everything tailored to your individual requirements. Put simply, we offer more!

We Save You Money!


By putting your trust in our expert content marketing, email marketing, and social media management services, we are saving you money right from the start. You don’t need to take on an employee to handle your social media management, for example, and nor do you need an in-house writer, editor or publisher. We have ensured that our rates are geared towards the smaller business budget, and that our expertise is available to you at a cost that will be acceptable, affordable and very much cost-effective. You get the best service, at the lowest cost, with the right results.

We Are Local!


Not only are we determined to work with you to earn your trust – and we are sure you will be impressed with our up-front, clear and open approach – but we also want to work with local business. We’ve been working with businesses of all types in and around Birmingham, Alabama, for some time now, and we believe that the benefits of working with a local content marketing agency are many. After all, you know your local audience, and so do we!


Content that Converts

Quality content means your readers will come to see you as the expert in your field. This is what gives potential customers that little extra they need to trust you, to buy your products, and to use your services.

With content that engages the reader, what you are aiming to do is bring them closer to the buying stage. That person who is simply window shopping, those who are on the maybe/maybe not line, these are the potential customers who will be convinced by your quality, informative, fresh and relevant content.

The problem is, almost 9 out of 10 businesses are already using content marketing. What do you need to do in order to be the one that people decide to buy from? Webology can help, because we know the best type of content for your audience.

Let’s be straight: you want to be honest and upfront with your readers. People have such a wide choice in every area of commerce now that they quickly come to learn when they are being told stuff that is perhaps a little beyond the truth.

You want to present value with your content

The reader gets something from it…

and you want it to be genuinely authoritative. In other words, the potential customer sees the quality and information on offer, and understands that you know what you are talking about. That’s the importance of quality, informative and relevant content.

Yet, it’s not just the readers you have to satisfy, it’s the search engines too. SEO is a vital part of online marketing, and it’s a far cry from just a few years ago. Even search engines look for content that is relevant, and you need to boost your website up the ranks. At Webology, we know what it takes to get a website on Page 1.

Maybe Google’s looking at stats like dwell time on page to rank websites, maybe that’s just another SEO myth without the data to back it up. Either way, you want users engaged with your content and that matters much more than trying to find the right ratio of keywords within your copy. Search algorithms have evolved, and so should your website content.

By combining our expertise in creating content marketing solutions for both audience and SEO performance, Webology is perfectly placed to give you the results you need in all areas. We tailor your content marketing strategy to work in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies: email marketing is an essential element, and we know where and how to get you back-links that will not only please you, but the search engines also.

We have the expertise and knowledge to bring everything together in one seamless campaign, and turn your traffic into actual conversions. Content is king; quality content, that is, not merely words. At Webology, we have the best writers in the business, ready to create that relevant and valuable content that will impress the human and digital readers, and all from a local base where you can contact us easily and quickly.

“The team at Webology is dedicated to providing the full package when it comes to your online marketing requirements. With a skilled team of writers and editors, plus SEO expertise that is hard to match, we have many local Birmingham and Alabama clients – and those from further afield – who are more than satisfied with our ability to turn traffic into conversions. We are proud to be here for smaller local businesses to take advantage of our expertise, and we believe we offer the best digital marketing and content creation service in the region. For us, content marketing is not just a job, it’s a passion, and you’ll see that shine through when you read our work.”

Webology Owner, Blake
Keyword Golden Ratio – The topic research that generates traffic almost instantly

Webology likes to go that little bit further for our clients, which is why we’re going to get a bit technical with this next section! What is the Keyword Golden Ratio? It’s a formula that will help us ensure you are targeting your audience in the best and most efficient fashion. You don’t have to worry about it, Webology does all the work for you.

We will try and keep this simple, but it’s worth reading! The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR from now on to keep things simple) is a way of finding those long-tail keywords that others may not have uncovered. What do we mean by this?

Let’s say you have a product that is offered by a number of different competitors; you need your website – your content, in fact – to be that which the search engine picks up. Yet, the same standard keywords will likely be used by you and by your competitors.

This is where the KGR comes into play. By using the formula – we’ll talk about it in a minute but don’t worry, as we said, that’s for us at Webology to worry about – you can find less common but equally relevant keywords and phrases that will give you a greater chance of being noticed.

To get a little more technical, it’s about your website being the one that answers the searchers question, the one that helps them decide. The KGR takes the Local Monthly Search – that’s the number of searches for a particular phrase – and the number of Google results that have that search phrase in the title.

Divide the number of Google results with the phrase by the LMS – where the LMS is lower than 250 – and you have the KGR. So, if you have a phrase that has an LMS of 200, and just 10 websites include that phrase in the title, you have a KGR of 0.05. If your KGR is lower than .25, you will most likely rank in the top 100 without any additional SEO work.

To get a little more technical, it’s about your website being the one that answers the searchers question, the one that helps them decide. The KGR takes the Local Monthly Search – that’s the number of searches for a particular phrase – and the number of Google results that have that search phrase in the title.

This is because you are being more specific, more relevant, and are taking a step above the crowd – and it’s all down to clever content marketing that Webology can provide. Let us do the work for you, and you can reap the rewards.

Over 70% of the pages published on the internet are never seen by human eyes aside from the person who hit publish. Your content has less than a 3 in 10 chance of getting traffic if you’re just publishing it without doing any sort of research beforehand. Doing KGR research almost guarantees that your copy will be seen by the right audience, and that’s why it’s a core component to our SEO strategy at Webology.


Why You Should Go Local

Webology is proud to serve many businesses local to Birmingham, Alabama, and we know the importance of local focus. Your audience wants to see a local aspect – it helps with the trust element and makes them feel more comfortable – and we know the area, and the audience, just as you do!

We have worked with many local companies, including providing promotional articles and news items such as this one for a Birmingham roofing company. A local focus tells you audience you care about your hometown, and that’s an extra link that will help engender trust and loyalty.

You can see further examples of our work with a local accent at one of our property management clients who use our content marketing service on a regular basis. They appreciate the local angle as it helps them connect with clients on both sides in the right place, at the right time. And what about that KGR research? Is it generating local traffic for our clients? Let’s check with Google real quick:

To get our KGR ratio figured out before writing an article for a local business, we simply look for local events that have some search volume:

Our goal is to rank strictly based on the value of our content without doing any sort of SEO work at all to earn a page #1 spot that boosts local brand awareness:

No links were built to this page. It just ranked in less than a week based on the careful selection of keywords combined with quality content.

For the cost of a single 1,000 word article, we’ll be generating local brand awareness for years to come. Publish 3-4 of these a month and your local traffic will continue to climb, making more local people aware of your brand.

Add some basic SEO into the mix, and you’ll almost guarantee that your KGR articles will rise to the top over time. You can also use these articles to populate your social channels and conduct educational email campaigns which can drive even more traffic to your website.

For the team at Webology, a local approach is an important part of our work, so talk to us about your content marketing requirements, and let’s see if we can work together.

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