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The Importance of Content for Effective SEO

Once Upon a Time…

  Back in the day, all someone had to do to get traffic to their site was to stuff their website full of keywords. In fact, it didn’t matter if it was even relevant. The important thing was the quantity of traffic. Not how long they were sticking around…..or coming back. Today, computers are smart. Keyword stuffing makes your site look spammy and you can end up with a Google penalty, which comes with it a lot of missed opportunities and issues that can take years to reverse.  

“What Counts as Quality Content?”

  You know that feeling when you visit a website and the content is full of misspellings, grammar issues, and faux facts? It’s frustrating. When people visit your site and are met with bad content, they automatically assume you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody wants to visit a site where the content is hard to read or understand.   So what counts as quality content that will drive people to your site? Quality content starts will truth and end with a grammar and spelling check. Good, quality content is all about having an open mind to learning something new and a post free of the awful chains of Keyword stuffing! The people visiting your site should walk away with knowledge and truth. You do want a low bounce rate, right?  

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“Quantity? Quality? Both!”

  It’s very important to remember that part of the adventure of writing content for SEO is making sure you’re updating your site frequently enough. A blog is an excellent way to attract viewers to your site and engage them.    

It’s a Fast Moving Job

  SEO moves and changes quickly. What worked a week ago may be completely out of the question today. It’s your job to find a way to write your articles in such a way that they appeal to the search engine and your readers. Remember also that if you end up with a spare moment in a couple of weeks, carve out time for updating and improving older SEO content on your website. If your old content has spelling errors and grammatical issues, make them right.  

“How Often Should I Update my Site?”

  Excellent question! The answer really depends on what kind of website you manage. Some say once a week is often enough. Some say twice a week. If you’re a larger brand, updating it once a day is a good option. However, don’t add ten articles all at once and then go two weeks without posting. This will absolutely not get you anywhere.  

“What is RankBrain and How Does It Change Content Writing?”

writing content optimized for rankbrain   RankBrain is a game-changer for content writers. This advanced AI is modeled after the program that allows Google AdWords to detect related phrases. What does this mean? Now Google can accurately display related words and phrases in the search results instead of mostly serving up exact matches. We’ve been doing SEO work under the RankBrain algorithm for about a year now. Here’s a few tips we’ve learned to make your content stand out in the era of RankBrain:  
  • Optimize your meta’s for voice search
  • Write conversationally and naturally
  • Don’t stuff keywords
  • Mimic (or IMPROVE) the content on Authority Sites within your niche
  • Readability and user experience are more important than ever
  Content by itself is vital to the life of SEO. If you’re wanting to write good content that also ranks well in Google, you will have to learn to target keyword phrases. Always remember, though. It’s the content that keeps visitors coming back and enjoying the site, not keyword-stuffed crap.

Content is King