Webology, a Birmingham based SEO company, was recently selected to a list of agencies certified in scientific SEO by Page Optimizer Pro. Webology uses scientific SEO practices that are proven to work and are supported by data analysis of competitor averages.

Birmingham, AL: Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an internet marketing discipline that has the primary goal of driving targeted traffic to a website in order to sell a product or service. Traditional SEO work tended to involve following a list of best practices, but new tools allow SEO companies to leverage big data for more precise results. Webology, an SEO company, has been selected to the elite list of agencies accredited from Page Optimizer Pro in scientific SEO and are aiming to test these new methods on more local business websites.

Webology reached this elite list of SEO agencies based on results observed in the last 6 months. The Page Optimizer Pro team reviewed Webology’s progress optimizing multiple client sites, and decided to grant the certification. Being selected to Page Optimizer Pro’s elite list has revolutionized the potential of Webology. Their CEO, Blake Akers, understands the competitive edge it has provided.

“When we first learned about this tool, we approached it with a lot of skepticism,” Akers said. “Many seem to think it gives SEOs an unfair advantage and that Google might use that as justification to crack down on tools that use data analysis to optimize against competitor averages. When we actually used the tool though, we ended up making every page we worked on so much better by adding fresh content and media – the exact things Google wants us to do. When you look at everything in that light, it’s obvious that the only reason Kyle’s page from the Rhinoplasty Plano SEO challenge got deindexed by Google was due to the Lorem ipsum copy. We’re obviously not using that on client sites, and so the results just speak for themselves.”

When individuals work with a Page Optimizer Pro accredited company such as Webology, they have access to a full-service SEO agency that customizes strategy to fit their brand. Whether one wants to generate leads, needs website development, or content writing, Webology can assist in taking one’s company to new levels of success with their scientific methods. Webology prioritizes their time and efforts by solely focusing on SEO methods that produce an ROI and with their new scientific approach to SEO, they’re doing just that.


Webology is located at 1601 5th Ave N Suite 124, Birmingham, AL 35203 and can be contacted via phone at 205-636-8612 or via email at blake@webology.io. For more information about being selected to the elite list of agencies by Page Optimizer Pro or Webology’s scientific SEO approach, reach out here.


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