A new roofing company went from startup to market leader in two short years, while making the list of fastest growing companies in the US thanks to search engine optimization.


Taking over a family business that had done little to no marketing in recent years, our client knew that it had a hard road ahead.

Traditionally, the business had relied on word of mouth and door-knocking efforts, which limited its ability to grow. Without even a website to work with, the team at Webology had to start from the ground up to build the client’s web presence.

Digital Brand Building

For starters, Webology built a temporary 1-page website for the client. While an extra step, long-term success required getting something online fast

to begin developing a history with Google. In the meantime, our designers and brand experts went to work creating the full site the client would need to compete in local search. It also allowed our link building team to start work listing the business on places like Yelp and the BBB.

The Results

It would have cost the contractor over $5,000 in monthly ad spend to match what our SEO efforts were bringing in:

Having over 1,000 monthly visitors allowed us to focus on a lower cost paid advertising option our client could stomach – remarketing. We further stretched the results of our successful SEO campaign by only serving ads to the people who had recently visited our client’s website, which drove our costs down to less than $2 per click. That resulted in a 5x return on ad spend and a small budget for paid ads our client was happy to spend each month.

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