If you’re familiar with the concept of digital marketing, it’s very likely you’ve heard of Neil Patel, the young entrepreneur who has paved the way to success for marketers everywhere.

But do you know how Neil Patel reached such successful heights at such a young age? What about how he created a multi-million dollar brand that empowers other marketers and industry experts all over the globe? Pull out your notebooks and buckle up folks. It’s time to take a lesson from one of the single most successful marketing experts in the world. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

Preface: The Early Life

Neil Patel was born on the twenty-fourth of April 1985 in London, England. He was born to an ordinary middle-class family, but Neil dreamed of creating a company that he could profit from and had an interest in business and marketing from a very young age.

At two-years-old, Neil’s parents moved to Orange County, California. This move surrounded Neil in entrepreneurs and a business lifestyle and influenced him in a lot of significant ways over the years.

At the age of fifteen, Neil began to burn CD’s and movies onto discs for his fellow classmates in high school and sold them for around five dollars each his freshman year. After a year of selling DVD’s and CD’s, Neil realized there was a market for black boxes and hacked satellite TV cards and made thousands of dollars selling them to classmates and their families.

Not satisfied, Neil started a job at a farm where his job was to pick up and empty trash cans, clean restrooms and take care of vomit on the sidewalk. This lasted until he began to sell Kirby vacuums for Quality System, going door-to-door trying to convince customers to purchase the $1,600 vacuum.

Neil was no stranger to hard work, but the Monster.com business model inspired him and he spent $5,000 on a website he called “Advice Monkey” and realized too late he didn’t have money left for advertising.

Neil put time into learning traditional internet marketing and over time, Advice Monkey became popular but wasn’t returning a profit because it wasn’t yet transactional.

By advice from his sister, Neil went to school for general education at Cypress Community College. After this, he landed his very first marketing client, Elpac Electronics, on a retainer of $3,500 a month..

With his sister’s boyfriend pitching in to help as co-founder and partner of the project, Neil launched “Advantage Consulting Services” or ACS, an internet marketing agency that quickly won the hearts of clients from an ad agency run by the son of the owner of Elpac Electronics.

Unfortunately, Neil and his co-founder lost around a million dollars after investing in a web hosting service called “Vision Web Hosting”. This was a big blow for Neil, but he took it in stride. He later co-founded a new company called “Crazy Egg” with Hiten Shah. He also continued doing marketing consulting to help pay for new software development for Crazy Egg. Though it felt hopeless at times, Neil knew success was going to take a whole lot of effort and sacrifice and he stuck it out.

In 2005, Neil was named one of the top influencers on the web by The Wallstreet Journal and in 2006, he launched his first blog, Pronet Advertising.

Climbing the Ranks

Pronet Advertising climbed the pages of Google quickly and was named “Best Social Media Blog” by Search Engine Journal.

In 2007, Neil Patel finally launched the Quick Sprout blog and got funding from True Ventures that allowed him to launch KISSmetrics in 2008.

Tragedy Brings Happy Endings?

In 2011, tragedy struck and Neil and his company KISSmetrics had to fight a 12-month long class-action lawsuit for a breach of privacy policies by using cookie technology on the website. It took several hundred thousand dollars, but the company was eventually cleared of all charges.

In 2012, Neil and Crazy Egg purchased Hello bar and in 2014, Forbes named Neil one of the top marketing experts on the web.

Neil and his partner moved on from KISSmetrics and Neil launched a 100,000 monthly visitor challenge on his personal blog, neilpatel.com.

It’s All In the Way You Look At It

There were for sure times that Neil wanted to give up his dream with everything crashing down on top of him, but he didn’t. He kept striving for ultimate success and still works to achieve greater success every day.

Today, Neil Patel’s net worth is estimated to be around 35 million dollars.

Now It’s time to pull a Patel and show the world what you can do. So what are you waiting for???